InFlux Doesn’t Have A Demo; Developers Say To “Pirate It And Then Buy It”

Indie Statik: ''If you pirate a game and enjoy it, do you then make sure to go and purchase the official version of the game from the developers to support them? That’s what Impromptu Games are calling the “honour system,” and they’re relying on pirates of InFlux to stick to it.''

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GreenRanger1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

That's a very naive and foolish thing to say.

Tzuno1875d ago

well if you think a little piratery is like a free publicity.

StockpileTom1875d ago

It's not true in all cases but there are many people that turn to piracy in place of a demo since demos have become so scarce. A demo lets you decide whether you like the game or not and if you play on PC it will give you a good idea of how the game will run on your system.

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frjoethesecond1875d ago

Nice to see a dev treating it's customers like adults.

Cam9771875d ago

Indeed, this shows that they can trust people which I like. Now, could somebody please give me a decent pirating site? I would like to pirate one very old game which is MOH:AA. No torrents please.

SignifiedSix911875d ago

Torrents are the only way to pirate games. What i know of anyways.

The only site i use is

And use Vuze to download them.

Kurylo3d1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

adults? Thats an odd way of looking at it. From now on leave your wallet on the dashboard of your car every time you leave your vehicle. Tell me how long it takes for the "adults" to break your window and take it. In fact.. leave your car door unlocked as well.

sdozzo1875d ago

Lame. All games should have demos.

StockpileTom1875d ago

The hilarious part is that many publishers use the excuse that demos lower sales... that is true if you make a bad game or a game that doesn't please your fanbase.

I thank the demo of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon for letting me know I should NOT buy that game...ever.

Kurylo3d1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

When a dev is too afraid to make a demo... you know something must be wrong with the game itself. Thats how i look at it. They are hiding something and trying to let the PR sell the game early.

SignifiedSix911875d ago

That's what i do with games that don't have demos. Why buy a PC game that turns out to be utter crap, and not being able to resell it?

I've downloaded many games that i thought were going to be awesome, but turned out to be s**t.

Thank you piratebay, for saving me money!

MotherLight1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

I completely understand why pirating exists. It has its ups and downs but the upside is giving people who really just can't afford this type of stuff a chance to try this software or games out.

For this type of game though I can't necessarily say pirating it will do them any good. Most games that do well and are pirated is because those pirated versions never are complete or have every feature like online play and such.

I don't make a big deal out of pirating, like I said it is very rare there are actual complete and fully functional pirated products out there. There is always something missing, something wrong, something that doesn't work and it actually does give the incentive to buy the real thing later on believe it or not.

Pirating has really never hurt anyone because it has been around literally since the internet was birthed and somehow all these companies are still doing just fine. People are just greedy and don't like the idea of people not handing them money up front.

That is the bottom line. I think pirating is great for people who know they can never afford a game, never afford that program that might help them in school or just learn. I mean at least they get something instead of nothing just because they happen to be less fortunate.

People always say "Oh just get a job" well life isn't that easy, you shouldn't be such an asshole to people like that. They very well may have a job but you don't know what their life is like, what bills they have to pay, how many kids they have to feed, a family they may have to help support none of that. People just assume cause you can't buy something you're bum.

Some people just end up in crazy situations they have no control over also that end up ruining their lives.

Guess I am just saying I can understand pirating to an extent of course in some cases it can be bad but I find those cases to be rare that there is a pirate good enough who cracks something fully. That rarely happens and usually those teams that are that good get busted.

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