Out Now: Pikmin 3 Finally Lands in North America

Nintendo Life : ''After its release in Europe a little over a week ago, Pikmin 3 has now arrived in North America as arguably the first high-profile Wii U release in a number of months — Game and Wario didn't quite set tills ringing. It's been critically acclaimed in plenty of reviews to date, and recorded a strong debut in the UK all-format chart; not necessarily a huge system seller on its own, but a positive first release in a packed upcoming lineup.''

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_QQ_1875d ago

"Hell, Its about time"-Tycus

1875d ago
hduce1875d ago

It's a really good game. Even if you have never played Pikmin, give this game a try.

Zodiac1875d ago

Just got back home with the game. Time to open it up!

bobacdigital1875d ago

Bought this sucker today !

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