We have put together perfect next-gen engine

Could you imagine how does it look like, when you combine all best next-gen engines to date? (3/2013, some new E3 engines missing)

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ShugaCane1873d ago

What about the Panta Rhei engine ??

Those particles, flames, are spectacular.

Otherwise, I think I'm in love with Frostbite 3. That demo of BF 4 blew me away. Amazing graphics + georgous art direction = Epic win !

life281873d ago

agreed, Panta Rhei is quite nice, but we´ve seen tech demos of fire just few days ago

Need4Game1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Fighting Fire with Water, I hope Panta Rhei can simulate that.

ANIALATOR1361873d ago

I wouldnt have put frost bite under animations to be fair

coolmastermarktwo1873d ago

I would have put nd's in-house engine with havok instead.

isarai1873d ago

1)that is not "Activision Engine" it's an Nvidia tech demo
2)there's nothing really new about those animations in the frostbite engine so i'm not really sure why you added them

life281873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

It is Nvidia/Activision engine (Acti shown the same face tech demo later at E3, Nvidia at GDC) but still not used in COD Ghosts. You can read tags "Property of Activision Publishing" in video.

isarai1873d ago

you can also read "not actual gameplay" as this isn't in any sort of game engine, it's just a tech demo, nor is it viable ATM to be put into a game