A Step Into the Virtual World with Omni

This year at QuakeCon 2013 is about Anthony's third time going into virtual reality gaming as he goes into Half Life 2 and this is definitely the best experience Anthony has had with it. Never before have you been able to actually fully represent your real world actions and have it displayed in a game all in real time. Gamer's News Network would also like to note that this was on a prototype version and not the retail version to be given out to backers or customers so there are still tweaks to the platform and ring that will be made. The Omni also isn’t the only thing required to have this experience it was with the assistance of Microsoft’s Kinect with the Nyko Zoom add-on paired with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The Kinect will track your motion and send signals to the game that you’re moving and the tracks on the Omni’s platform designate the direction and the harness positions you upright so that you don’t fall over or slip in the low friction tracks and finally the Rift is used to aim.

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Bonerboy1807d ago

Cool idea, but I've tried playing games while on the treadmill and using a controller is a nightmare. Though I suppose one wouldn't be running around constantly in most games either....but with the right peripheral it could work out. Neato.

GmrsNewsNetwork1807d ago

Yeah I don't see this working very well with a normal controller. When I used this I had a gun peripheral which made it more intuitive. I didn't try it, but I imagine the Razer Hyrda would be phenomenal with this. Also in first person shooters it might be more time spent crouched and under cover than anything.

1807d ago
Bonerboy1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Yeah its tough to say how this will be received. Still cool but I am pretty sure I wouldn't want this piece of kit clogging up my home, not to mention the vids of this thing in use are ridiculous/hilarious, but thats beside the point. The harness? HAHA "Its chaffin' my fellows something fierce" .
I'll just stick with the Oculus Rift.