Xbox One Augmented Reality Glasses Patent Detailed Overview

Apparently Xbox One is getting an Augmented Reality Glass codenamed Fortaleza Glass, and further information regarding the Patent has surfaced. This would be a bold step for Xbox One for Hybrid-Reality gaming and would justify alot of things like the Kinect Compulsion.

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fattyuk1838d ago

They really are wanting a piece of the Wii PIe with gimmicks.

Soon to play the Xbox your gonna have kinect, glasses, smartglass on your phone tablet and then a controller tht requires battery and in the near future an accessory you literally have to insert in your rectum(battery's not included)

And this is just to get to the advertisements!!

Ksar1838d ago

yeah you're right, fu** innovation ! We just want to pay 499$ for a PS3/360 with more power ! :dumbsonyfanboy:

fattyuk1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

You talk about innovation?? Yet Microsoft can't even produce a wireless controller that doesn't need battery's or a battery pack!!

And It's only a patent sweetheart,

no need to get your knickers in a twist.

*cough* google glasses *cough*

NewsForge1838d ago

Oh look N4G, we have a fanboy detector! An Xbot one!

malokevi1838d ago

The old leaked power point showing Xbox Ones roadmap predicted that after the release of the Xbox One a Pay-TV Service would follow, after which by 2015, the gaming scene would have evolved into Cloud Based gaming with the Xbox One Streaming games to multiple devices and Kinect Glasses a.k.a Fortaleza Glasses

Honestly, this is why my money is on Ms this generation. They are going all in. PS3.5 will look like a joke 5-7 years in.

1838d ago
Elit3Nick1838d ago

@fattyuk Maybe it hasn't occurred to you that people prefer battery packs that can be swapped out on the fly over a built in irreplaceable battery...

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malokevi1838d ago

Surface + Kinect + controller.... I'm already rockin. Almost there... give me the glasses, damn it!

iamnsuperman1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

I doubt this will make it to market. I have said it before; how innovation really takes off is by using a product that doesn't in anyway interfere/impact with how you do things already. Like 3D it never took off (some part due to TVs costing too much) because of the need to wear glasses. Google glasses will never take off because we have to wear glasses which look weird (I am a glasses wearer and I can say they are inconvenience).

Same with the Oculus rift. Us gamers who are really interested in it and go on sites like this would play with it (if cost is lower) but that would be considered a huge failure for Microsoft. All that cost put in an only a fraction of the market will use it. AR/3D and stuff like that will only work (take off) if we don't have to wear stuff as it is more accessible to the mass market

SirBradders1838d ago

i somewhat agree apart from the Oculus statement i think that is what is the last key to the gaming puzzle other than full VR simulation like what happens in the old school deus ex training simulations.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1838d ago

I am of the same mind of Sir Brad,

Although I feel what truly hampers innovation is actually, oddly enough, the combining of technology. I mean we've seen it plenty of times already.

Let's look at tablets first. It was firstly, introduced as a means to communicate with computers, no one liked the idea. Then some genius decided it would be better as a standalone product, and bam it took off.

3D tvs didn't work because it changed too much of the traditional tv experience, for a high price, also the glasses.

On the other hand, I can see people taking a liking to oculus rift because that is it's purpose. I don't mind strapping tech to my head, but I do mind strapping something that a means to the use of tech to my head, if that makes any sense.

kenmid1838d ago

lol, people said Kinect wouldn't take off either.

nukeitall1838d ago

For some technology to take off, the benefit or experience has to significantly outweigh the cons.

In 3Ds case, the experience was subpar, while the cost was at the time high and the glasses uncomfortable.

Oculus rift though is changing your view of the world significantly and I believe it will take off significantly. It would just take time for the technology to catch up.

Kinect One + Oculus rift = opens up new world!

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FrigidDARKNESS1838d ago

Its going to be interesting to see how these glasses will be different from Google's versions..
In the leaked Microsoft roadmap documents if i remember they are designef to interact with Kinect 2.0

That_Ninja_Gray_Fox1838d ago

Even more gay than googles.Thats the differnce. The level of gayness.

reko1837d ago


leaked documents aka "your own sources" LOL

Red_Devilz1838d ago

My PS vita has AR capabilities. Nothing new here

Silentscope1838d ago

Completely different. I'm pretty sure you're not able to wear you PS Vita on your eyes.

kewlkat0071838d ago

All he needs is a little bit of tape..and it can happen..innovation

MurerDk1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

He he, that would look awesome. :-) but Red_Devilz wouldn't need to do that, a little googling around and you will see Sony had made their own patents of AR glasses a while ago. Just like many other companies has.

Red_Devilz1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

My point is about AR. Not about wearable tech. And, for the record, wearable tech is not that new either. Oculus and Google Glass is a perfect recent examples.

Bottom line: I stand correct. "Nothing new here"

JBSleek1838d ago

Neither of those wearable tech is out to the general public.

1838d ago
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