Umbra Dev On PS4 And Xbox One's Graphical Leap: "You Will Be Blown Away" In "A Year Or Two"

"While it's a given that graphics consoles take a good few years to mature, with the truly amazing games arriving near the end o a console's life-cycle, it seems that may not necessarily be the case for the Xbox One and PS4."

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fsfsxii1807d ago

I want addicting gameplay. Not graphics

CRAIG6671807d ago

I want both, from both consoles.

abzdine1807d ago Show
malokevi1807d ago

lol @ abz.

I guess you haven't seen Forza! "leading the way", lol.

What a fanboy thing to say.

In spite of your love affair with Sony, fact is that both consoles are going to be relatively on par for the foreseeable future. Both consoles will have amazing looking games, and both consoles will have fun games. Whether or not you are man enough to admit it.

Personally Ill be getting both consoles by holidays end, because they both look amazing. But you would have to be some kind of slow-minded brain-dead simpleton to assume that Microsoft isn't going to be delivering amazing content. That, or a completely brainwashed fanboy.

JP13691807d ago

Sony's studios consistently produced the most graphically impressive games during this last generation. It's logical to assume, given the PS4's more impressive specs, that the trend will continue. And Forza, while it looks great, most certainly isn't leading the way since it's still relying on baked lighting. I don't think Killzone is doing anything special either though. Launch games rarely impress, give it six months or a year.

gaffyh1807d ago

@malokevi - You seemed to take that really personally. Abzdine didn't bash MS so I don't see why you called him a fanboy, he just mentioned what he is looking forward to more. The fact that you called him out makes you seem like the fanboy if anything.

On topic - Always takes a couple of years before you see the amazing games, but inFAMOUS looks fantastic, can't wait for that. Ryse actually looks really good too graphically for Xbone, not that impressed with Forza tbh, it is not THAT great looking, and some of what they showed appeared to be bullshots, so will wait for gameplay videos when it is actually released to decide how good it actually looks.

malokevi1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

...And I didn't bash Sony, so what's your point?

"With Sony 1st party quality starts day one! "

If you can't read between the lines when you read something like that, that's your fault, not mine. I have faith in both Sony and MS... which is why I speak up when I read utterly one-sided garbage like that.

I'm as confident as the next guy that PS4 will be more capable in terms of raw graphics capabilities. But I think it would be short sighted to discount MS' investment in cloud computing, and the versatility of Kinect, as much as people around here hate admitting it.

There are so many factors that we cant even begin to account for at this point (before the consoles have even launched). To discount either console on the basis of some pre-launch noise is nothing short of ridiculous.

So, pardon me for trying to bring balance to BS.

JokesOnYou1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

"Sony's first party studios who are gonna lead the way in terms of graphical mastering.
just take a look at KZ Shadow Fall or inFamous and see for yourselves that those games breath next gen!!"

-abzdine Really?, well both KZ SF and inFamous look great but nothing special and definitely not leading the way in terms of graphical mastering, if any exclusive does that I'd say its Ryse.

Killzone: SF uses 40,000 polygon count for charachters. Ryse uses 150,000 polygon count for charachters.

-Again with both consoles having plenty of power, ps4 has slight edge on paper but more importantly how great the games we are going to see this gen depends mostly on budget, dev tools and talent.

@gaffyh, of course you would think Forza5 isn't impressive and just in case it does then they must be "bullshots" according to you. lol, but all the hands on came away impressed with Forza5, I wonder what launch racing game looks better?

wishingW3L1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

The part you're missing @JokesOnYou :

"KZ's slide is talking about enemy NPCs, Ryse's slide is talking about the main character."

This is why you can't never trust fanboys. All they do is take things out of context to prove their biased and incorrect statements with lies.

gaffyh1807d ago

@JOY - I'm not saying Driveclub looks better if that's what you think I was getting at LOL. Also, I personally don't think Driveclub and Forza compete, if anything GT is more like Forza.

@malokevi - I didn't say you bashed Sony, I said you bashed abzdine for no real reason. But whatever, this is getting way off topic.

abzdine1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

malokevi: are you mad again? no one brought MS into this conversation, it's only you brainwashed fanboy who need to bring MS into each one of your posts.
And while you insist, let me answer you:
Remember all games that came out on 360 in the beginning?
MotorStorm came and blew all of them, like 360 never came out. Shall i continue with Heavenly Sword, Ratchet, Uncharted, MGS4, GT5: prologue, WipEout HD??? Or you prefer comparison with pictures? Alright here you go:

Gears of War 1:


Heavenly Sword:


Whether you admit it or not, Sony have high quality check procedures when it comes to their games, better than any other publisher out there.

Ju1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Those 150k polys are sure impressive. But at the same time, it says nothing about the LOD and what you actually see in game.

And then it makes me wonder why this:


looks so much different than this:

Excuse that I couldn't find any better high LOD shot...interestingly I couldn't find any with environment and in game.

JokesOnYou1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

wishing it says KZ SF poly count is highest for character models at 40,000 lowest at just 150 obviously those would be very distant characters but clearly the above slide says characters "0-2 distance" are 40k. Listen either way my intent is not to hate on KZ SF the point is abzdine was making it out to be so much better than anything else in terms of graphics, I disagree and instead of just saying my opinion is Ryse looks better I linked some sources to at least show I examined both a bit. Of course visuals still come down to intangibles like art style, effects and how much is going on which imo Ryse still wins but again its not hate for KZ SF, just adding balance to the conversation.

@ abzdine, Oh please you look for the worst low res pics you could find, why not just stay on topic? I'm not going to tit for tat and show low quality ps game pics, like I said I got nothing against KZ or those ps3 games but heres a few great Ryse pics for you and Ju:

starchild1806d ago


Oh give me a break, you are a fanboy yourself. I've seen your posts and you are nothing but a hardcore Sony fanboy.

So why didn't they list the poly count for the "main character" in the Killzone SF presentation? You would think that would be pertinent information to share.

The fact is, there is no evidence that the 40,000 polygon count at the highest LOD does not apply to main characters.

Even if that poly count isn't for the main characters, I can guarantee that the main character poly count won't be vastly greater.

Give credit where credit is due, Ryse has a very impressive polygon count for the main character.

Ju1806d ago

Even if it's 40.000 ... all those numbers are relative. 40k for NPCs in close ups with up to 60 of them vs. 150k on the main character (only) in still / slow-mo cues.

Then there is the fact that one is 3rd person the other isn't - requires more detail on the main character.

Then the question is, what's the game play LOD - because it sure isn't 150k - KZ in game characters look still better or equal than Ryse's. Lighting on those models are can make quite a difference, too.

And finally, what the polygon budget of the environment. Which is simply huge in KZ.

Ryse looks impressive for a XBone game, but it doesn't come close to KZ:SF (and had troubles keeping up with 30fps). Simply the scope alone (e.g. KZ landing scene with water shaders, HDR and reflections) dwarfs anything in Ryse.

I can give Ryse the advantage in facial expression. I think those are better than in KZ. Ties into the art direction / gameplay here a bit, though.

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ANIALATOR1361807d ago

If you want addictiveness, go play candy crush. I want immersion and more powerful ways of story telling

insomnium21807d ago

Jesus Christ Candy Crush is such BS! The game is purely luck based and designed to get all the first world people with their short temper and give-me-everything-nao to buy their BS additional moves and helping perks.

Seeing as that is one of the more successfull games money wize makes me loose faith in mankind.

dredgewalker1807d ago

Candy Crush disgusts me, it was made to leech money from retarded people and it relies more on damn luck than skill to play. The games developers makes Capcom look like petty thieves in comparison.

Ezz20131807d ago

we need Gameplay, story and Graphics

we can't only have one or two of those
all of those are needed

Angeljuice1807d ago

That depends on the genre, you don't need good storytelling in a racing game or sports game for it to be good.

frostyhat1231807d ago

You must hate all Mario games then.

SixZeroFour1807d ago

@angeljuice - sony missed that memo considering they are making a gt movie...a nfs movie i understood, cause that arcade racer already had some sort of story in each game, but for a racing sim like the gt series, i never saw any possible story and yet here they are trying to make a movie out of it

ufo8mycat1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Ezz graphics is definitely the least important, especially now when graphics have gotten good enough to the point where anything higher, would not really improve the gameplay anyway.

Gameplay-Story(depends on game)---------------graphics

Look at games like Just Cause 2 - I found that game so damn fun, yet graphically its average.

Look at games like Crysis 3 or KZ2/3 - graphically impressive, yet the gameplay is average at best - struggled to complete them.

So yeah gameplay>story>>>& gt;>>>>graphics

Sadly with these new consoles I feel developers are just going to concentrate to much on graphics and forget about gameplay.

starchild1806d ago

Crysis 3 is a damn good game. I have a ton of fun with the sort of open ended tactical gameplay.

It might not be your type of game or you might not be playing it the way it was meant to be played. Either way, quit acting like it's just a given that it is crap. That is your opinion.

There is no reason that a game can't have great gameplay and great graphics. There are lots of games that I have enjoyed that do.

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SegaSaturn6691807d ago

Don't worry. Someone will port a gameboy emulator so you can play Tetris.

fsfsxii1807d ago

Better than most AAA games.

nukeitall1806d ago

OMG, I love Tetris!

I still play it on occassions after so many decades. I can't say that about most other AAA games.

Experience still wins over graphic any day!!!

punisher991807d ago

I agree with "CRAIG667". I want both, just like I've been getting with my PS3 this gen.

GamerGuy1531807d ago

Just remember the jump between Uncharted 1 and 2. If we see a jump like that from what we already have from Killzone and multiplats like Watch Dogs, then there is gonna be some serious eye candy to behold

GraveLord1807d ago

Same here but great gameplay can be had on any platform. I don't want Minecraft level graphics.

SonyPS41807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Great gameplay can be had on any platform. Better AI, physics, larger worlds, more things going on simultaneously all equal better gameplay that is also compute-intensive. The better the hardware the better the gameplay possibilities, not just shinier graphics.

GamerGuy1531807d ago

Wouldn't you feel cheated though, playing an amazingly fun next gen game and it had current gen graphics?

1807d ago
Izzy4081807d ago

Then Wii U is the console for U.

showtimefolks1807d ago

Graphics are nice but also please deliver on gameplay and story aspects too

NeoTribe1807d ago

That should go without saying. That said, bring on the next gen graphics. Its the reason to buy a new console...

Kydawg1806d ago

Buy a wii then, they're pretty cheap now.

Valkyre1806d ago

then go play Pong if graphics dont matter to you.

mcstorm1806d ago

@fsfsxii I agree. I also want to market to look at new IP's not a new version of the same game every year. I know its hated on this site at the moment but I am really looking forward to the WiiU line up this year as I have Pikmin 3 and love the game and also looking forward to DK, Mario 3D Sonic and Pokemom X on the 3DS this year. I am also getting a One for Forza as I love my racing games and need that fix but I really want Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to look at less shooting games this gen and give us some new and amazing games to play.

Theendgame1806d ago

Can you believe Pokemon X/Y are being released this October? It seems like a crazy dream. I'm buying a 3ds just to play them!!

mcstorm1806d ago

I cant wait to play it. Not played a Pokémon games since Yellow (I know a long time ago) but I cant wait to get my hands on X really excited about this game,

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SuperLupe1807d ago

Dont know about you guys but I'm already really impressed by games like Ryse and Forza 5 and they are just launch games. Everyone knows that launch games are the "worst" looking games in a generation. So I'm 100% confident that I will be blown away in a year or two.

I mean if they look that good now just imagine what games will look like mid cycle ? So far very happy from what I've seen. The only thing though I would like to see is 60fps for most games.

I_am_Batman1807d ago

I agree. I've seen a lot of impressive looking games already. Forza, Ryse, MGSV, The Witcher 3, Killzone Shadowfall, Infamous Second son and The Division all look much better than current gen games in my opinion.

elhebbo161807d ago

most unbias comment i've seen in n4g.

MajorLazer1807d ago

Rare to see a balanced comment on this site. I must say, I do envy X1 owners because I have owned and thoroughly played every Forza yet I will miss Forza 5 :( oh well, inFAMOUS: SS will keep me occupied

QuickdrawMcgraw1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

That's the problem Super,(in my opinion) will MS still be making exclusives mid cycle.I'm not so sure with their track record.

christocolus1807d ago

Dude MS needed to grow their studios internally like sony did,even if they will keep making exclusive 3rd party and 2nd party deals they knew they needed to grow their own studios and for the past 5yrs that's what MS has been doin. Phil harrison and phil spencer stated this and even numerous job postings hinted this. Ms has studios in us,canada,europe and japan and expect more announcements and buy outs. Ms knows they have a lot at stake and they won't spare any expense.they have recruited enough talent to last them beyond this generation.many gamers will still believe what they want to but i know ms has learned and they are definitly not in this to loose. Personally I wish both sony and ms the best cos the competition is good for the industry but dpont jst be so naïve as to rule out ms...

QuickdrawMcgraw1807d ago

I want MS to continue making their own or having AAA third party exclusives made.Either one is fine with me.Just don't stop.I will buy a Xbox if they do this.I'll just need a few years proof.Again this is just one gamers opinion.

Majin-vegeta1807d ago

Lol correct me if im wrong but werent those games running on a different graphics card that isnt the one the xbone has??lol

OT:Once again ND will put many devs to shame and show how a game is done.

RadioActiveTwinky1807d ago

From the pictures tht were released it was just Lococycle game. Not the others.

thetruthx11807d ago

This has been squashed a long time ago and even when ppl have played on the actual consoles you Cernies keep bringing it up

Both Comic con and I believe it was Pax Australia showed the xbox one can hold its own showing Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and Battlefield 4 being played on the hardware

Lococycle was the only game using Nvidia at E3

Between this and the "spybox" Cernies are getting lamer and lamer with their criticisms

arkard1807d ago


Speaking of lame, using the term "Cernies" is right up there with the worst of it.

christocolus1807d ago

Same can be said for the ps4. Many of their games were also being run on dev kits (not actual or finalized hardware) and so you know that's how its always been. The dev kits serve as place holders(similar to what the final system specs will be) they do not represent the final specs though as a lot of drivers,middle ware and hardware are not yet finalized or fine tuned for the actual systems.nintendo, Sony and ms have been doing this for yrs.

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bjmartynhak1807d ago

I agree, but as I can't tell the difference between 30 and 60fps, I would prefer increased details over frame rate

I_am_Batman1807d ago

You can't tell the difference between 30 and 60fps? How can you not see a difference? Are you sure that you actually played a 60fps game? Cause you can't compare on youtube. I think it's a huge difference.

bjmartynhak1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

I really can't... sorry

I can reduce the framerate on my PC (midrange) or watch the downloaded 1080p videos for comparisons... nothing.

Example: both are the same imo:

Or here:

totally the same

punisher991807d ago

@bjmartynhak: Its about time I actually find a gamer thats honest about this. Im not saying there is no difference between 30 and 60 fps. But a lot of people cant tell the difference.

SignifiedSix911807d ago

Play BF3 on consoles, and play CoD on consoles. You'll feel the difference and see the huge frame drops on BF3 because the consoles can barely handle it.

I can play with 30fps, but 60fps is a hell of a lot better for shooters and racing games.

xActionBasturdx1807d ago

Wanna see the difference just play cod (60fps) and battlefied (30fps) noticeable difference from the two as far as frame rate goes

BitbyDeath1806d ago

@bjmartynhak, same. I think it all depends on how good your eyesight is cause I don't see frame drops on 30fps either.

bjmartynhak1806d ago

@SignifiedSix91 and xActionBasturdx

I played both on consoles and, imo, the difference between COD and BF3... is that BF looks way better =)

No fps issues for me. Guess I'm lucky then :)

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PeEsFour1807d ago

Ryse isnt that impressiv honestly, thats because it was planned for Xbox 360 first. Forza is a racing game so it has to look good, and it does indeed. The most impressiv game was The Division. It looked like real. I hope Ubisoft isnt trolling and made it look better than it is. After TDV i think Killzone SF and The Witcher are the most impressive ones in terms of graphics.

elhebbo161807d ago

most next gen AAA from both side look very impressive and a huge improvement from this gen.

christocolus1807d ago

Because it was planned for the xbox 360 doesn't make it any less better looking, that game stood out and if it was actually a port then imagine how good it would be if it was made ground up for the xbox one.meanwhile forza 5 looks incrdible, the witcher and the division yeah i agree with you on that but in my opinion infamous looked way better than killzone..that game looked really goood.its the first game I'm getting with my ps4.

Benjammin251807d ago

Really looking forward to what Naughty Dog, Crytek, Rockstar and Sony Santa Monica are able to squeeze out of these consoles.

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jXales1807d ago

and just imagine how games will look with the power of the cloud!!! JK

I had to :) it was laid out for a spanking..

Games will look sick down the line... i'm looking forward to next gen

AsimLeonheart1807d ago

lol. That power of the cloud thing will haunt Ms and the believers for the rest of the gen. :-)

solidsheep1807d ago

Just wait and see MS has rocket scientists working on it.

christocolus1807d ago

Until great games and devs like hideo kojima, turn 10,ubisoft, ea ,rare, insomniac,dice, activision etc proove the naysayers wrong.

mochachino1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

I didn't think this gen games looked that impressive until Gears came out. R6Vegas and Ghost Recon looked very good but not mind blowing. By the time Mass Effect and Uncharted 2 came out I was blown away.