Ryse: A swords-and-sandals slasher that feels like a halfway house between Gears and GOW | Mirror

This is a next generation game that will live or die by how fun it makes living and dying:

On first impressions at least, Ryse ­appears to be the runt of the Xbox One’s litter of launch exclusives.A swords-and-sandals slasher that feels like a halfway house between Gears and God of War, it seems very much like a current gen wolf in the next generation’s clothing. You control Marius Titus, a Roman general who appears to be based on authentic period warrior Russell Crowe.

The plot is under wraps but creators Crytek have promised an “epic tale of revenge spanning an entire lifetime” – presumably taking in a spell as a disgraced Gladiator fighting under the tutelage of the late Oliver Reed.

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golding891750d ago

2 game combination that will make this game rather interesting and epic..

I can dig it.. :-)

abzdine1750d ago

i dont see any similarities whatsoever with God of War. it's just a way of making the game more appealing.
if it's the QTE God of War doesn't have them at every action you need to do.

JokesOnYou1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

abzdine of course there are similarities but they are also very different but I don't really get the comparison to Gears. Ryse doesn't have traditional QTE's, in GOW the you must follow the QTE button prompts to finish the enemy/boss, while in Ryse they are optional and for example you flick the D-pad which changes the nature of your attacks then you choose qte finishers for health or something called focus mode.

Elit3Nick1750d ago

neither does Ryse, Crytek and people that actually played it said over and over again that QTEs are completely optional, the E3 demo we saw was built to showcase QTEs, but it'll be much different at final release

malokevi1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Hey, abz,

Everything you say reeks of PSFanboy. Which is good, because whenever you speak I just assume the opposite to be true. So, thanks for validating my beliefs, and confirming that RYSE will be awesome!

You're the man!

abzdine1750d ago

@malokevi: are you mad? go buy Ryse i never stopped you from doing that. i was speaking for myself and just like all xboxfanboys you take opposite opinions too personal. you guys are too susceptible

xxBiG_BoSSxx1750d ago

The qte's in GOW are mostly optional. You're correct about boss battles, but every normal enemy no matter their size can be defeated without them.

abzdine1750d ago

@JokesOnYou: No, in GOW is only used in a few places, like to finish Big Bosses and not small ennemies. watch the Ryse gameplay once again, very obvious that game was Kinect game in the beginning.
The camera stops for a second until you press the right button on screen, and that's for every ennemy. Unless there is 100000000000000 ways to kill ennemies in that game (which i doubt really much), Ryse will get too boring after level 1.

JokesOnYou1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

"The camera stops for a second until you press the right button on screen, and that's for every ennemy."

lol abzdine it would help if you actually read more about Ryse or are you purposely avoiding this?:

"The game takes a somewhat different approach to the old QTE formula (like not needing you to complete them)"

"The long and short of it is that the playable demo ofRyse at E3 was put together to show off the focus on cinematic and brutal executions."

"You won’t have simple prompts that tell you everything you need to do as we saw in the demo, but as you use your XP to unlock more executions you will have to learn via visual and audio queues from your enemy which moves to make in order to activate the cinematic kills"

"This Roman war mongering simulator looks incredible. The combat isn't all about doling out repeated Quick Time Events, which is something I was relieved to learn about. As it turns out, the QTE's are definitely optional. There's no penalty for skipping them entirely, either. I had a blast just cutting up hapless soldiers and just moving on to the next one without ending their lives with a brutal QTE. Each button pertains to a different piece of equipment (the sword, shield block and shield bash/kick counter). When facing off with multiple enemies, the complexity of the game's battles become a bit more prevalent. It pays off to know exactly when to block, slash and counter all the enemies that surround you. Paying attention to character animations plays a large part in knowing how to approach certain battle situations. The QTE's aren't the focus of this historical beat 'em up. Thank God for that (or the developers themselves)."

-So again for the 1000th time you don't have to stop and do an execution/qte, when the prompt appears you can just ignore it and kill the enemies randomly however you choose. In GOW not following the QTE's means death/faiure or loss of health meaning whenever they do appear they are mandatory.

malokevi1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

Lol. Like I said, I like it when you speak up, because you make it easier to cut though the BS.

If anything what you said validates my confidnce in RYSE, and indeed I will buy it... You no read good, champ? :p

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pompombrum1750d ago

Apart from the game comparisons are so far fetched you'd think the article writer's idea of gaming was playing monopoly on a wet sunday afternoon.

The game did look interesting at E3 but the title has as much relevance to the article as Gears does to the game.

FrigidDARKNESS1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

This will be one of the most sought after game at launch. Epic story hi end pc

Hicken1750d ago

How can you claim the story to be epic?

demonddel1750d ago

@Hicken oh sorry my bad I forgot this was an xbox game and thats not allow on here

blackmanone1750d ago

Uhh no, I think he means because it's not even out yet.

Troll harder, demonddel.

Hicken1750d ago

... we don't know ANYTHING about the story- except that it's about revenge- so how can you know whether or not it's epic?

Has nothing to do with it being an Xbox game or a freakin 3DO game.

Geez, and they talk about Sony fanboys...

JokesOnYou1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Hicken, So what? Its not random "OMG Ryse is the best" off topic comment in an unrelated thread. Its understood he has not played the game first hand to know the how good or bad the story actually is but for those of us interested theres plenty of background info out about the charachters/storyline to make a reasonable assumption about the greatness of the Ryse's story. Sure he could be wrong but its hardly anything unheard of on any game site to hear someone proclaim game x will be amazing! Geez YES this is exactly WHY we talk about sony fanboys, desperately looking for a reason to preach to an xbox fan in a xbox thread that his positive assumption is foolish meanwhile conveniently always ignoring negative assumptions about how the game will turn out. His statement is no different than some assuming the opposite, nobody knows for certain but lets be honest here if the same was being said of a new ps exclusive you wouldn't spend your time reminding those excited that they don't know if its going to be a great game because its not out yet. Envy is such a cruel emotion, it draws you to the cool guy's party but reminds you how boring your life is.

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r211750d ago

is demonddel your other account? dun dun dunnnn

blackmanone1750d ago

The troll is strong in that one.

fattyuk1750d ago

Sounds like a headache to me!

fattyuk1750d ago

So it's a third person sci fi god shooting hack and slash qte set in roman times?

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