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Why Are Video Games So Obsessed With The Apocalypse?

GR writes: "So why do we so frequently find ourselves exploring the abandoned Earth, confronted by the mutated leftovers of the human race? And why does the post-apocalyptic wasteland setting remain such a popular destination among gamers? Have we not yet had our fill of the same muddied colour palette and hostile oversized rats/spiders?" (Culture, DayZ, Fallout 3 Game of the Year edition, Metro: Last Light, The Last Of Us)

NukaCola  +   702d ago
It's a theme that fits into a large range of ideas and concepts. Post apocalyptic games can be retro, soviet, beautiful, zombie filled, horror, scifi and pretty much any genre or game type. Plus you get games like TLOU and Fallout that just work wonders.
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Donnieboi  +   702d ago
It's a perfect scenario for unrestricted murder and challenges like survival, hunting, etc. Plus it makes for an extreme situation that makes people/characters less pretentious (due to the lack of comforts of everyday life), thus making them feel more "real". It's a good scenario for action, drama, and hunting/gathering.
Insomnia_84  +   702d ago
Spoiler Alert!...
Because it's coming!!

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MadMax  +   701d ago
All we want is the GAS!!!
Kevlar009  +   701d ago
I like Fallout 3 because it gives me hope, that even after a Nuclear Holocaust there is a chance for humans to survive. Granted I'll be dead before the world becomes laregly inhabitable, but it's a cool thought nonetheless. Also what makes an apolocalypse more different than a fictitous world? It's a similar environment to what we have on earth, but still different. It stimulates the imagination, brings about "what-ifs" and "imagine a _____" scenario

I think post-apocayptic environments aren't over-used at all. There are certianly dystopians and alternate realities, but not many Fallout-esque games (at least from what I've seen)
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neogeo  +   701d ago
The same can be said for movies and TV. Ever seen the walking Dead? Jerico? and don't even get me started with movies. (The road) End of world stuff if creepy and fun. we love it in books even.
cunnilumpkin  +   701d ago
because it affords the developers the literary freedom of a what -if scenario

and though none of us have lived through it, it has been popularized in modern culture/films/art to the extent that everyone has a rudimentary understanding of what it would/could be like.

the setting is both familiar and alien at the same time

also, as someone else mentioned, the opportunity for a sort of righteous violence exists everywhere and making a main character struggle against a corrupt, amoral and anarchistic society instantly makes us sympathize with them.
MikeyDucati1  +   701d ago
It's such a great setting for survival horror. You don't have to do much to incite anxiety or fear in the player. Just add in a desolate backdrop with abandoned buildings and cars that haven't moved in ages. Through a strange noise here and there. Maybe throw in a vulture. And have the sky closing its brightness to night slowly. That sends chills up a player's spine and creates a sense of being alone. That something is out there to get you, the unknown. We humans are so afraid of the unknown.

And as you walk the lands looking for shelter, all that surrounds you is a massive cemetery that reminds you that death is around every corner. It has claimed many before you and will come after you.

Apocalyptic settings just conveys so much information to mind's eye to make it face its own mortality. Great stuff.
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Lord_Sloth  +   701d ago
Because this world sucks and we want it to end!
Bakkies  +   701d ago
People have been obsessed about the apocalypse for millennia. It's not unique to games or any sort of artistic expression or media.
shadowmist13  +   701d ago
Metro is still pretty much a linear game,but my very favorite game is fallout,but the whole appocalypse theme is plainly epic.
duducus  +   701d ago
A lot of movies are too...
gamejediben  +   701d ago
It's quite simple really: the world is going to hell.

Everywhere you look countries are gearing up for war Pakistan/India, China/Japan, Israel/Palestine, North Korea/Everyone, etc. There's Coups, Protests, terrorism, uprisings, diseases, deathcults and all kinds of violence everywhere. Any of these things could end society as we know it.

Humans are insane and we can't help but destroy everything. I can't believe we've survived as long as we have. And things haven't gotten better with time, they've gotten so much worse. It doesn't take a genius to see where things are going...

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