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Luke Halliday writes:

"It was 10 years ago that the Mario and Luigi RPG series began. Not only that but it was 30 years ago that Luigi made his debut in Mario Bros, originally conceived simply to be a ‘Player 2′ character. He was a simple recolour of his brother Mario back then and was not even given a name until years later. Over the years, Luigi developed into his own distinct personality, the lovable goof that never could step out of his brother’s shadow. Luigi had often played second fiddle to Mario. He was the sidekick, the ‘Player 2′, the other brother, sure Luigi’s Mansion let him be the focus but it was Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga that put him on the same playing field as his brother. Mario wasn’t the lone star of that game, Luigi shared that spotlight and in Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros he steals it. 2013 is the Year of Luigi and this is the game Luigi fans have dreamed of."

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masterabbott1877d ago

this game looks and sounds brilliant i have to find the cash to pick this up!

NukaCola1876d ago

I absolutely love Mario RPGs and the Mario and Luigi Saga has been nothing short of excellent!

1876d ago
futurefrog1877d ago

amazing game, good to see luigi get some spotlight

fight4love1876d ago

Well it is the year of Luigi.

no_more_heroes1876d ago

Aaaaaarrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh hh!!!

Does anyone have a time machine in this place?! I must jump to August 11 NAO!

TongkatAli1876d ago

You cant really say shit to a 10/10 only congrats and that reviewer really liked it a lot.

1876d ago