AMD Phenom IV X12 170 “Baeca” 25nm CPU Leaked – Has 12 Cores, 6 GHz Core Clock

Codenamed Baeca, the Phenom IV X12 170 processor is built on a 25nm process. AMD has never mentioned plans to use 25nm process in its 2013-2014 roadmap, the only 28nm process designed Steamroller arrives in 2014 with the Kaveri APU. So this is a false assumption, furthermore the Phenom IV X12 170 processor would outdo the 8 core FX-series featuring 12 cores and a 6 GHz base clock speed. All of this within a 75W TDP package. The CPU would also feature a L3 cache of 24 MB. Sure seems alot no?

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KUV19771876d ago

I'd buy that for a dollar.

Snookies121876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

That would be a good investment.

Gamer19821875d ago

Pretty crap for gaming though as 90% of games still use no more than 2 cores.

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assdan1875d ago

Well, I would pay a bit more than a dollar for this. This thing sounds freaking awesome. 75watts sounds doubtful to me though.

NewsForge1875d ago

AMD logic;

"We just suck at improving our architecture. So we will simply boost the clock and add more cores...."

Wonder why I stay with Intel. My i5-2500k destroys their latest 8cores FX cpu's.

1 Intel core = 2+ AMD cores

Intel architecture FTW!!!

duplissi1875d ago

destroys? in what universe?

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duplissi1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

yes they do, but he specified the i5 2500k, which does not "Destroy" the FX8350. in fact it is only marginally better than the FX6300

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specialguest1875d ago

Lol it's been a while since I've heard that robocop quote.

KUV19771875d ago

Finally! I felt really old there for a while.

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awi59511876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Ok this would be worth buying a new motherboard for.. It cant be more than 300 dollars though .

Crazay1876d ago

that CPU will no doubt ship for no less than $700 in bulk quantities of 1000. I hope it comes out early 2014 by the end of the year it'll be more reasonable

fossilfern1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

"All of this within a 75W TDP package"

Wow pretty good lets hope its true and performs well. Wonder what this means for the FX series because did AMD not drop the Phenom?

DeadlyFire1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

maybe 12 cores is not the high performance edition. AMD has been working on Server chips with 4/8/12/16 cores with a proposed 10/20 core set of CPUs, but that one was scrapped. Possibly revised in the future.

AMD so far for 2014 has these server chips
AMD Warsaw 12/16 core Server CPU.
AMD Berlin 4 core CPU and APU. Sold both ways. Promises 8x the gigaflops per watt.
AMD Settle ARM based SoC promises significant performance per watt increase with 2x increase over its predecessor.

Don't know much about their desktop line up. They will have Beema, Kaveri, and Vishera FX CPUs as well as the new blend of Steamroller parts. If they feel the need to push 6 Ghz to fight off Intel in the Mid-High end market then I welcome AMD to do it. They could sweep steamroller under a rug and just release Excavator parts.

Agent_hitman1876d ago

I hought Phenom IV is omletely dead.. But anyway, nice to see this.. AMD ftw

cabbitwithscissors1876d ago

So how much faster is that compared to Intel's latest ? and what about price ?

decrypt1876d ago

"So how much slower is that compared to Intel's latest ? and what about price?"


awi59511875d ago

Well the 8320 can be easily overclocked to 8350 speeds and its 150 dollars.

cesuf1876d ago


Lol really? Amd hasn't made a faster chip then intel in years and is far behind. Amd does have interest for some gamers for being a good value for what you spend for low to mid cpu's.

hennessey861876d ago

I thought the FX8350 was only beaten buy the top of the range i7, intel chips are way over priced.

NioRide1876d ago

Considering the Fx-8350 is what competes with the i7, I find this funny.

In single core performance yes Intel wins, but in full chip performance no they don't, and considering hyper threading causes more problems then helps I find it funny they even still support it.

edgeofsins1875d ago

It's because games don't take advantage of more then 4 cores really.

My friend had a hexcore AMD processor for a while. He upgraded to one of the higher up i5's. Better for gaming, not by much though, but it wasn't better for rendering in Cinema4D.

Gamer19821875d ago

The problem is theres are only a few games that use more than 2 cores and thats why Intel spanks AMD in benchmarks even with lower clocks thanks to better architecture. However pushing past 2 clocks AMD used to be the best until Haswell came along that cpu set is quad core i5. No games use more than 4 cores right now (well there might be a few indie games?) so Haswell i5 series batters the FX8350.

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