NZGamer: Everybody's Golf: World Tour Review - 'One of the best games on the PS3'

NZGamer writes: "When it comes to golf, everybody seems far too keen to quote Mark Twain. Instead, people should look towards Alice Cooper for inspiration: a man who officially traded alcoholism for an addiction to golf because it provided a liver-sparing way to chase the dragon. It is in this that golf lends itself to video games so easily; there is always the chance to do better, to beat the current records.

In this sense, Everybody's Golf: World Tour is a throwback to the video games of yore. Of course, the presentation is leaps and bounds above anything the 1980's had to offer. The gorgeous graphics shine in 1080p, the range of courses and secrets to unlock is enormous, and the game offers an online mode that supports up to 40 players."

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Antan3904d ago

Fabulous game, love it to bits, but the review is a little wrong in the fact its NOT 1080p.

xg-ei8ht3904d ago

It is if ur tv upscales it:)