A Punching Beta Review: Penis Avalanche

Probably one of the better games to have come out of Game Jolt, Penis Avalanche, an action-indie game, proves itself to be a worthy contender in the gaming industry, rivaling the likes of COD, Beyond Good and Evil and even The Last of Us. With its intricate detailing in design, as well as the sagacious application of physics to the overall gameplay, Penis Avalanche is definitely a game to have come out at the top.

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RandomDude6551514d ago

Gameplay mechanics look stiff

FortKnight1514d ago

It's pretty short but hard.

Benjammin251514d ago

Guys, stop dicking around.

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1514d ago
EvilFluff911514d ago

This game looks willy stupid!

swice1514d ago

WOAH there are children on this site