AMD Never Settle Forever Bundle Arrives This Month – Could Include Battlefield 4 and More=

In an interview with VR-Zone, AMD’s VP of channel sales Roy Taylor revealed that they are planning to release their new Never Settle Forever bundle in August. This means that AMD would extend the longevity of their HD 7000 series cards by offering more value to the consumers who buy them.

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Gamer19821877d ago

This is why Consoles couldn't begin to match PC's over £200 worth of games with a £300 graphics card..

1877d ago
LAWSON721877d ago

This is great if bf4 is part of this because I will have more reason to get another HD 7950

iRocket1877d ago

Uh, if this is real, I seriously have to consider AMD. I've been a nVidia fan, and I'm planning to get a 760, but that is a serious right there!