Nintendo and the Wii U May Be in Trouble due to Closure of Vital Semiconductor Factory

There may be more trouble on the horizon for the already slow-selling Wii U due to the closure of a factory manufacturing a vital component for the console.

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gamer421878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

"According to a Renesas executive the production of that semiconductor was the result of the “secret sauce” and state-of-the-art know-how part of the NEC heritage of the Tsuruoka plant, making production elsewhere difficult."

Hmm, well they did say it won't have an immediate effect on production, so hopefully they'll find a manufacturer who can make the component by the time production will start being effected. But seeing there's a "secret sauce" to the component, I can see it won't be easy.

Xof1878d ago

It's a semi-conductor. It's not like it's the spice melange.

My miraculous powers of insight and prescience tell me that this factory closure will effect Nintendo not at all.

The real story here is that (yet again) a lot of Japanese factory workers are out of work, and may be unemployed for a very long time. That's a travesty. Using that travesty in a juvenile attempt to rile up immature gamers and idiots to increase web traffic is just plain crass.

Abriael1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

You seem to be mad, you should be less a fanboy, and more a realist. Semiconductor manufacture isn't as easy as it seems, and shows relevant variations between different factories.

The problems for Nintendo are not invented, but they come straight from the mouth of a Renesas executive. "secret sauce" is a direct quote.

Canary1878d ago

Nintendo says it's not an issue, Renesas (the people who own the failing factory) implies otherwise.

Gee, who do we believe here?

It's pretty obvious Renseas is trying to save face. There's not a single Japanese company out there that won't claim their experience and pride make their products unique and special.

But, by all means, please call me a Nintendo fanboy. I'm usually called a 360 or PS3 fanboy, so I'd appreciate a change of pace.

elhebbo161878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

@abrialel you call him a fanboy yet he clearly said that its a tragedy for japanese workers to loose there job and that using this info for fanboyism is stupid... you calling him a fanboy makes you look like one.

abzdine1878d ago

This semi-conductor problem is just one more thing against the Wii U.
i love Nintendo but i think this console is doomed for many reasons, one is the name cause people think it's a Wii addition, lack of 3rd party games and the casuals aren't on Nintendo's side anymore, they are all on phones and tablets right now.
what i think they should do is cut the price and release one or 2 blockbusters at the same time as price drop, it will keep momentum going for a few months and that could push some developers to invest in it.

3-4-51878d ago

@ Abriel - He's a fanboy of people keeping their job ?

How evil are you?

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gamer421878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Nintendo said it's not an 'immediate' issue it doesn't mean it won't be a problem later on.

EDIT: Did I really just reply to myself? -_-

Xof1878d ago

That's correct.

It may very well become an issue later on. But it's not an issue now, and you know what else may become an issue for Nintendo to deal with later on?


Let's look at that "quote," shall we?

"Nintendo told the Japanese Magazine Weekly Diamond that the closure of the plant won’t have immediate effect on the production of the Wii U, but the outlook of things isn’t too positive for the future."

Nintendo isn't the one saying, "but the outlook of things isn’t too positive for the future."

That's a subordinate clause inserted into the indirect quote to mislead readers.

If Nintendo says it's not an issue, it's not an issue. Like I said, semiconductors aren't the spice goddamn melange. Yes, they're specialty components, but Japan is filled to the brim with very advanced Electronics companies.

And just a stones throw away you have similarly dense electronics industries in Singapore, South Korea, and China.

The whole idea that the WiiU has a secret, magical component that can only be made in a single factory is so laughably absurd I... I just don't have the words. If you fall for this kind of unprofessional hitbaiting drivel, you have my pity.

gamer421878d ago


"Question Nintendo Kotobasukuna 'I do not affect the production of Wii U for the time being'"

This is the direct quote from dualshocker's source. I use chrome so it was google translated, so the grammer is a bit off. So it may not be exactly what they said, but that's what I have to go now until someone officially translates what they said.

And you're right they probably could find another manufacturer just as good as the one closing. And no, I don't really need your pity, but I appreciate the offer.

RedHawkX1878d ago

meh no one is buying the wii u anyways so it wont matter at all really. the less consoles they make the more money they save from not having millions of wii u's sitting on the shelves.

DwightOwen1878d ago

Maybe it's for the best. Nintendo need to get serious and develop a platform on par with the competition if they ever want serious 3rd party support again. They can make Mario and Pikmin just as easy on the Nintendo Katana as they can the Wii U.

RicardJulianti1878d ago

Third parties will always find an excuse. Plain and simple.

MASTER_RAIDEN1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

ugh..seeing nintendo in such a trying position makes my stomach hurt :///
i just want things to go right for them so bad. i may be a playstation gamer at heart but my love for nintendo goes way beyond gaming. nintendo makes up entire childhoods!

BattleAxe1878d ago

Please, let's not overreact, it's just a console after all. 3DS is selling like hotcakes, so Nintendo is still doing very well. WiiU will end up being the worst selling console in Nintendo's history behind the Gamecube.

I've been saying since before the Wiiu came out, that this would be Nintendo's last home console, and its looking like that will be the case, unless they can figure out another mass market gimmick to wow the masses like they did with the Wii.


is your username after a song by any chance?

BattleAxe1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

If it is, it would be this one :) It unlocks after you beat GRAW2.

Had to throw this in there also...I frickin loved this game when it came out.

Shad0wRunner1878d ago

Probably the most rational, intelligent thing I heard someone say about Nintendo. Fanboy's in denial will disagree, of course...but that doesnt make it any less true.

swice1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

@ battleaxe

So what if the 3DS is selling well? Nintendo is only doing half as well as they should be.

There's no way the Wii U is their last home console. If it fails, I bet they will release one more console with all of the fixed mistakes of the Wii U, with the name being the biggest fix.

And if THAT fails....well, it may be their last. As long as they stay in the handheld business, I'd be mostly happy

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clouds51878d ago

Cant see the wii u doom anymore...

josephayal1878d ago

If Nintendo goes out they will take there games with them

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