The Tragedy of Final Fantasy VII: A (Very) Late Review and Discourse

Gamnesia: "But Dylan", you're probably thinking to yourself. "Why make us sit through a review of a game from years ago that most of everyone has already played?" Well, there actually is an answer to that - I wanted to both enlighten the people who've never played it, and possibly send a reminder to those who have.

You see, speaking as someone who has just finally stepped into and completed Final Fantasy VII, I can't help but feel that everyone has it wrong. All horribly wrong. Maybe I'm just absolutely terrible at gleaming context and emotion from stories (which is fully possible), but the overarching feeling I got from this game was not one of angsty sorrow and bleak rage. This was not a game that at all fits the endless pieces of fan and official art depicting Cloud as a dark figure with flawless skin and mopey eyes. Final Fantasy VII continuously exudes one thing above all else: charm. It's a really damn charming game, and that's all there is to it.

That is the tragedy of Final Fantasy VII - that it is no longer remembered for what it actually is, but what people assume it must be like based on what Square Enix treats it as. It doesn't matter what the game itself is like anymore, only what the side content says the game is like. And that is a damn shame.

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1724d ago
goldwyncq1724d ago

This is the one of the major reasons why I hated Advent Children. It threw away all of Cloud's character development and turned him into this whiny emo people associate him with nowadays. To those who ACTUALLY played through the game, this couldn't have been more false. Cloud by the end of the game is the complete opposite of the Cloud in AC.

Summons751724d ago

Not really...he was whiny and emo at the start of the game and progressed to what he was in advent children. You're delusional if you think he suddenly became emo with just that movie, I remember my friends making fun of him when the game came out. FF7 had great gameplay and a great world but the character's made it really hard to play and after the first disc the entire story fell apart. Highly disappointed in it at the time having played the other final fantasy available then getting least they brought the series back with 8&9.

Hicken1724d ago

And then Cloud goes through some stuff in the two years between you beating Sephiroth and the start of Advent Children, and he becomes who you see there.

He wasn't whiny or emo in AC. I mean, it's hard to whine when you don't talk to anybody, right? And being emo is this "the world's against me, F*** everybody" attitude that he certainly doesn't have.

C'mon; if you're gonna praise the fact that he has character development during the game, at least acknowledge that it was possible for that character to continue to grow and change AFTER the game.

And it did.

Pozzle1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

There's nothing wrong with character development, but there are so many better ways Square Enix could have gone about expanding Cloud as a character that don't involve turning him into a depressed loner who didn't believe in himself and considered himself a burden to his friends (which is what Vincent was like in FFVII, not Cloud).
I agree with the author of the article, tbh. Despite his flaws, Cloud was a pretty fun character in FFVII. And by the end of the game he had come to terms with the fact that he wasn't really a 1st Class SOLDIER, and had finally found his place in the world and amongst his friends. Cloud still had many serious moments in the game, but he also had many funny, goofy and humor-filled moments. It's just disappointing that Square Enix's idea of developing his character involved getting rid of those goofy, humorous moments altogether and breaking up the amazing friendship/team dynamic from the game. I couldn't imagine Advent Children's Cloud saying silly things like "Let's mosey!" and "I ain't INTERESTED in a buncha scrubs like you!" or cross-dressing to rescue a friend.

Though considering every recent interpretation of Cloud has been more akin to his Advent Children personality than his FFVII one, I wouldn't be surprised if Square Enix have flat-out forgotten that FFVII (and its characters) was pretty charming, quirky and humor-filled back in the day. And their depiction of FFVII's world as a dark, bland, grey, wasteland in Dirge of Cerberus is rather telling of that.

Mounce1723d ago

Cloud is basically anti-social and an introvert.

So every delinquent has to confuse him to being 'Emo' and 'Whiny' when he simply does things on his own and prefers to be alone if it doesn't involve protecting his friends or loved ones. In which even at the end of AC when he fights Sephiroth he says so, he's fighting for his friends, he just doesn't want to depend on anyone and wants to be strong enough to protect them all without being a bother.


Idiotic misconceptions of the year about Extroverts and ignorant people being clueless about how introspective people work. The progress he's made since he was Fresh and chipper in Crisis Core before Zacks' death where he essentially broke down, failed keeping his childhood promise of going far in ShinRa where Zack succeeded. Then Aeris/Aerith dies on him by Sephiroth and then having the world essentially on your shoulders BY ALL MEANS NO PRESSURE. STOP WHINING EMO AND STOP BEING RESERVED, GAWD.

3-4-51723d ago

I'm 5-7 hours into my first playthrough and I both love and hate this game at the same time.

I love the characters, story & Music a lot. Everything else is just frustrating or could have been done better in game.

ATB = overrated and I'd much rather a generic simple basic turn based battle system.

Haven't advanced to the 2nd city after Midgar because there is a One Hit Kill monster that kills me when I try to advance the game. Riding a chocobo doesn't help because it still eventually gets me into a random battle with it, and it kills all my party extremely quick.

So yea, that one stupid reason, along with a few others had kept me from returning to FF7 for about 3 weeks now.

I may never play it again. It's in my top 2-3 of games that have frustrated me the most, and I've been gaming since the late 80's on Atari.

I also just played it the first time 3 weeks ago rather than in 1997, so I can't help but see all the flaws.

The characters, Story, & Especially the music still sounds amazing today, but the actual gameplay of a game called FF7 is complete garbage and I wished I would have bought FF9 instead.

Pozzle1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

By one-hit-kill enemy, do you mean the Midgar Zolom (the giant sand snake)? If you have a chocobo, you should be able to run straight past it. (Though if you've only just left Midgar, you need to head north from Midgar to Kalm. You don't need to pass the Zolom yet).

I hope you do go back to the game though, because it doesn't really pick up until after you leave Kalm and it's worth giving it a go past that point imo. The beginning is probably my least favorite part of the whole game. The gameplay does take some getting used to, but I think that too improves once you get a wider variety of materia/summons. :O

Umbasa1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

I just started playing this again the other day. And i don't care what this guy says the game has a ton of charm.

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LAWSON721723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

I am finally getting into the game again thanks to the Steam version the in battle models are just awesome compared to the original as for the supposed worse soundtrack fixed that with a simple mod. I seem to always get busy halfway through the game so hopefully this time I can beat it.