Blame games: bill says content makers liable for violence

A bill currently under consideration in the Arizona state legislature would impose liability on persons who produce or distribute "dangerous or obscene" content (including audio, video, interactive media, and even written content) that is found to be the material cause of a terrorist act or felony. The broadly-worded proposal, which is touted by its supporters as a tool for financially punishing makers of violent rape films, is viewed with serious concern by movie producers and video game developers who fear that it will be abused.

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Silellak3850d ago

Sometimes I hate my state.

Today is one of those days.

GutZ313850d ago

News just in, Arizona is planing to sue japan for all its crazy japanese stuff, that is immoral and just... crazy!

/End Sarcasm

gamesR4fun3850d ago

this is sad so much for freedom of expression so much for freedom period just another step to the new world order imo.