Sony Computer Entertainment to Host PlayStation 4-Focused Keynote at Tokyo Game Show

With a press release the organization behind Tokyo Game Show announced that, as part of the TGS Forum 2013, Sony Computer Entertainment will host a keynote titled “The Creative World of PlayStation 4″

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Godmars2901813d ago

The end of FPS as the dominant game-type on the PS4? Hopefully.

Not that I'm saying they need to go away entirely, just that game diversity needs to make a comeback even if the games in question don't sell like COD.

gaffyh1813d ago

The Last Guardian better be there. Although it probably won't be :(

gaffyh1813d ago

Not to get anyone's hopes up, but what if Sony came out at TGS and announced TLG as a PS4 launch title.

Mind = Blown.

Never going to happen.

Shad0wRunner1813d ago

I doubt it. There will always be money to be made off of the FPS franchises, so there will be multiple FPS titles still to come.

I do agree with you, however. I would like to see more platformers, myself.

GenericNameHere1813d ago

FPS games had a HUGE influence into making the DS4, so doubtful. However, I am looking forward to the next trend. It started with space shooters, then side-scrollers/platformers, then beat-em ups, then side-scrollers/platformers again, then JRPGS, then music games, then now FPSs.

fsfsxii1813d ago

The DS3 was perfect for every kind of game, from fighters to platformers, even for FPS i thought it was good.
So the DS4 is gonna be perfect

Bluepowerzz1813d ago

for fps since im a competitive gamer i had to buy fps freaks so i didnt end up playing like a right sob

SnotyTheRocket1813d ago

I just want a new Deus Ex to be announced.... It is Square Enix, so who knows.

RytGear1813d ago

I completely agree, and not another freakin' App. An actual game this time Square?
Pretty please?

1813d ago
aceitman1813d ago

im guessing ms will skip it again

NewsForge1813d ago

I want to see a multiplayer trailer for Shadowfall. It's a launch game and we only saw few sequences from 2 different missions. I WANT MORE FOOTAGE!!!

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LondonMediaOS1813d ago

I really hope we get a serious overhaul in diversity. JRPG is my favorite genre of gaming, and I disparately want a return in a big way.

Abriael1813d ago

Yep, I agree fully. That said, Sony has been the company that offered the most diversity for home consoles so far, but I hope they'll push that more.

Bathyj1813d ago

Please, PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASE, TGS has to be the rebirth of The Last Guardian on PS4.

I have remained one of the faithful all this time, but if you dont at least acknowledge its existence (I would prefer a full gameplay blowout) then I'm afraid I will have to give up all hope for it.

Salooh1813d ago

FF versus was held back because of next generation . Maybe the same will happen but it will stay exclusive ..

Godmars2901813d ago

It was held back because the the PS3 and 360 were underdeveloped systems for what was expected from them.

black0o1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

we saw the come back of KH3 and FFversus so i think it time for the last guardian ''fingers crossed''

@14feb man u beat me to it ..bubble up ;)

Karpetburnz1813d ago

I hope it's for the PS4 now, they keep saying the game is still in development so it's definitely comming.and maybe the reason it's taking so long is cause they changed it for PS4.

elhebbo161813d ago

ico and SOTC were so amazing, this game HAS to be made.

DigitalRaptor1813d ago

It would be great if they re-introduced it as a PS4 game by Ueda-san coming on stage and showing a new gameplay trailer. Then the trailer finishes by revealing it as a PS4 launch title.

Oh man... I'm dreaming again.

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DoesUs1813d ago

I'd like to think TGS will be mainly more localised in terms of games shown? Be great to have the same sort of output that PS1 and PS2 generated!

Bowzabub1813d ago

I would love to see The Last Guardian make it for this holiday season.

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