Users Report Getting Locked Out of Killzone: Mercenary Loadouts After Patch

From AnalogHype: The first patch for Killzone: Mercenary went live not too long ago and while it seems to have stopped the game from crashing, it has also brought forth another problem.

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pedrof931752d ago

Oh this is the BETA. I was all like "Is the game out yet !?"

MK24ever1752d ago

As a BETA user you should expect these situations, you just have to delete and re-download the game again and it will work. I know it works.

yazter1752d ago

It will work if you delete and re-DL

But learn from me, do NOT back up your saves and then retrieve it once you re-DL. It'll be corrupted XD

SwiftArsonist1752d ago

they already posted that u need to delete and redownload the beta. at least they get to play it, i have to wait till the 21st to try it out

MotherLight1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

Yea sucks I didn't get in.. What pissed me off was seeing people in the Playstation blog, who didn't even own PS Vita's.. saying they got codes. Bunch of assholes, taking codes and they don't even own Vita's.

Like god damn ticket scalpers.