Check Out Some Sonic Lost World Gameplay Footage from Desert Ruins and Silent Forest Levels

Want to see some brand new gameplay footage of Sonic Lost World? here's have some for you directly from the Summer of Sonic 2013 event in London.

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Romudeth1814d ago

I'm still unsure about this one...

cleft51813d ago

It looks good and you can definitely see the Super Mario Galaxy influences, but that's not a bad thing.

DarkHeroZX1813d ago

Actually this game is inspired by the canceled sonic Xtreme game which was before mark galaxy.

TheGrimReaper00111814d ago

Looks fun, but wish they stuck to the unleashed gameplay style
I believe they found a nice balance between platforming and speed in generations
I was hoping the next game would be nothing but those kinds of levels
We had unleashed wich had the werehog
We had colors, wich focused too much on platforming
We had generations, wich had the classic sonic 2D section
Dont get me wrong, I played these games and they were really fun
But just wanted a sonic game that plays like modern sonic in generations and you can play different characters

Orionsangel1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

This looks just as bad as previous Sonic games. I hate the targeting system they added to Sonic in the last years. I don't like either how you run real fast as Sonic and then hit something and slow down. It kills the momentum. Sonic games should flaw better than that. Sonic Generations frustrated me so much. Sonic controlled like shit and that sucked because Sonic dies when he falls off the ledges. If the character doesn't control right, if he speeds up at the wrong time. You fall off the ledge. This is poor game design.

dcj05241814d ago

A big gameplay element is reaction time. you have to think quick since your going over 200 miles per hour. I've been playing sonic games since I was a child so I'm used to it.Sonic unleashed daytime stages was the best 3D sonic gameplay. I wish they'd make a game that just focused on 3D platforming and running like Chun-Chan in unleashed did.

kB01813d ago

Actually I think Sonic gen got it beat:)

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Concertoine1813d ago

Im more excited for this than the new mario.

TripC501813d ago

sonic games aren't my cup of tea... but this one looks alright.