How video game giant Ubisoft will dive into movies with an Assassin’s Creed film

Farchad Bidgolirad handles the R&D that Ubisoft will use to blend game and film tech in the new Assassin's Creed film. GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi interviewed him about the merging of games and movies.

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DragonKnight1875d ago

And join the pile of other terrible game to movie titles in history.

1875d ago
Jyndal1875d ago

I'm sorry, and I'm gonna get flamed and dissed for this, but I can't wait for an AC flick. I think AC would translate into film seamlessly.

levian1875d ago

Don't worry, I completely agree. The assassin and templar story would work very well in movie format. I'd love to see all the areas Ezio visits. It'd probably make for a great trilogy.

MisfitsInc1875d ago

i would like the movie to be more based around the modern day parts, and have the Animus parts not be as big.

1875d ago
Mikeyy1875d ago

Video game movies are a no, no, when will they learn?

gintoki7771875d ago


I thought the epic cgi cutscenes they release at launch of each game were cool. and It is possible they can pull off a good movie with it. It's just they need to be able to fill in the gaps. They have the skill and concept. Then again I haven't played an assassins creed since AC 1 & 2.

Kojima is a bit more fit to dabble in film. Is that MGS movie still being worked on?

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