Why mobile games suck

Mobile games do certain things very, very well, but there are a couple of trends that can ruin the experience.

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radecGaming1874d ago

because it turns people into f#*!g Retards

Aceman181874d ago

also lack of physical controls.

Aceman181874d ago


if i have to buy something like that just to play a game on a phone decently i'll just continue playing my Vita and 3DS

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-GametimeUK-1874d ago

There are some brilliant examples that show how amazing mobile gaming can be. Final Fantasy 3 etc are kind of great for mobiles. The games controls don't hinder the experience because of the combat system. I can only enjoy GTA Vice City on my android with my PS3 controller connected, but games like Plants vs Zombies , Rayman Jungle Run and even Minecraft show how fantastic mobile games can be even with the controls.

gazgriff2k121874d ago

they suck balls and anyone who believes they are a threat to consoles and handhelds are not gamers just journalist trying to get hits

bumnut1874d ago

They are a threat to handhelds, but the games are nowhere near as good as on handhelds.

They are a threat to handhelds because you always have your phone with you to play on. Hardcore gamers will always prefer dedicated handhelds, but for the masses a smartphone game is sufficient.

Spinal1874d ago

Bumnut is correct I'm afraid. A lot of the school kids I see on trains these days have a mobile phone an play games on it. It's rare to see one playing a dedicated handheld these days unlike 10 years ago handhelds were the best portable gaming experience.

Me for example I bought a psp back when it first came out. But now I play games like walking dead an limbo on my iphone 5 an it's really enjoyable. I just find the all in one purpose device fits my lifestyle. As when I'm at home I can game on my PC an consoles.

fattyuk1874d ago

Sorry but mobile games don't suck.

I can rememeber spending many hours playing snake on my Nokia mobile(s)

It's a saturated market... but so what, each to here own at the end of the day.

The pathetic "gamers" are the ones who try to make a point of "omgz f2p Facebook games are so lame, mobile games sux cuz I don't have a ControllEr, Anybody who plays mobile Games are losers"

I don't go out of my way to play mobile games, but they come in handy on airplanes/airports.

drizzom1874d ago

that's only because we see articles all over N4G talking about how smartphones are on the same level as PS4.

joeorc1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )


"that's only because we see articles all over N4G talking about how smartphones are on the same level as PS4"

Its a reference level point, not a blunt one ; that the chipset that both the xboxone and the PS4 are using are in fact mobile device chipset's.

we are talking about chipsets that do not really go into desktop's but tablets and netbook size Laptop's and with reduced number of cores for smaller devices into smartphones. Its not about the level of the hardware at this point its about the very fact they are using a mobile chipset!

That is the point,

That is what many are really missing, the mobile devices are no longer seen as just 3rd tier computing devices anymore.

did you listen or watch John carmacks key note recently?

He went into very long depth talk about Mobile devices and how they have moved much faster in advancement then many even think they have, just learning the Arm Core development is akin to learning what the PC or game console's advancements are doing, no one person can learn it all.

And you can spend all your time just learning Mobile devices as a platform now because they as a platform are far more advanced than they were in the past 10 year's, but they advanced sofast that in some points advance much faster than everyother platform for game development out there.

what carmack was pointing out is the mobile smart device is really interesting on what developments have transpired and that there is a very large thriving development community that even he has to learn thing's going in because he has spent all his time on other platforms. but yet on stage he had his iPad right there with him, that is one thing many seem to overlook smart devices are pretty much glued to user's everywhere they go person, to a developer that is a key to platforms viability if its pretty much everywhere the end user is why not develop for it.

Hicken1874d ago

They don't necessarily suck. They certainly have their place.

But they're not some replacement for console or even handheld games.

schlanz1874d ago

I have been a longtime supporter of handheld games and systems, I love my 3ds and plan on getting a Vita at some point. But I also love mobile gaming. It has its own charm and doesnt need to directly compete with traditional handheld game experiences. I like the more bite-size approach that makes them enjoyable for even only a few minutes.

People who dismiss mobile games just truly aren't authentic gaming enthusiasts or really have no clue about what good games are out there now.

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