Splinter Cell Blacklist Wii U: Why You Can’t Blame Ubisoft

GaminRealm: "With the latest news that Splinter Cell Blacklist for the Wii U will not be offering the offline co-op feature that will be seen in the other versions, many Nintendo gamers have raised their torches and pitchforks against Ubisoft. To some, the company is now the latest addition to the “lazy developer” hit list. Ubisoft’s supposedly a careless developer that no longer cares for the Wii U and is intentionally attempting to “half-ass” their port for the system."

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RicardJulianti1752d ago

Weird....I haven't seen a single person upset about this.

Missing offline co-op, that could probably be patched in later, in favor of having all of the other content and exclusive Gamepad features on time as the other versions is definitely okay. Ubisoft has seen what happens to late ports, even if they include more content than the other standard versions.

People who complain about this are just looking for excuses at this point.

Shok1752d ago

Check out MyNintendoNews and NintendoLife. I saw quite a few people complaining.

Campy da Camper1751d ago

I have a Wii U and a ps3. What's going to make my decision is the resolution. Anyone heard what resolution wiiU will be in? If its in 1080p then I am all over wiiu. Doubt it will be, though.

elhebbo161751d ago

MyNintendoNews is filled with hardcore Nintendo fanboys, they'll bitch about anything.

RicardJulianti1751d ago

Ah....I should have known that's where people would be complaining. I avoid those places like the plague.

pixelsword1751d ago

How could anyone get upset about this series? They put part of it exclusive for a while and then expect people to just pick it back up and care about it? I don't even know if J. Ironsides is doing the voice anymore, which is a no-buy for me.

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andrewer1751d ago

People complain when Nintendo doesn't have online multiplayer, now people complain that it has but do not have offline co-op. But indeed, many people don't worry about that, just a few that complained and liked to do so.

Stroke6661751d ago

Not excuses bro, its a matter of unfair treatment. A lot of devs are kinda treatin nintendo owners like step-consumers lol. How many gimped ports are being released, and when people don't buy a ginped game they turn around and say well nintendo install base don't buy this type of game do we not gonna make anymore. Don't get me wrong not everything will sell on nintendo, but how well do they expect gimped games and half done experiments to sell. I personally could care less for offline co-op but in rhe same light, y pay the same for less. Hopefully they do patch it in, but u can see people waiting for that patch before purchasing leading to low sales and no patch. Its getting annoying getting the short end of the stick so often. Its like someone slapping you in the face, then following up with a punch because they weren't thanked for the slap

N4g_null1751d ago

Patch in online... they are seperate engines most of the time. Ill be playing is offline anyway plus its ubi lost.

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josephayal1751d ago

I feel like Ubisoft has done a better job promoting the Wii U than Nintendo has

WiiUExposed1751d ago

True. Heck, at one point, EA had more Wii U games than Nintendo did.

Realplaya1751d ago

“In order to ship at the same time as the other consoles, we unfortunately weren’t able to delve into this feature.

That was their response lets put a few things into perspective.
In order to create a game that was exclusive to the Wii U they delayed the Wii U game. But instead of delaying the other two games they cut out a feature that Wii U owners should have easily gotten it would take what a few weeks. This article seems to have been written by Ubisoft PR because how can you justify a game that sales at the same price but with less features by saying at least your getting something. As a Wii U owner this sucks because what if I am chilling at home my boy stops by I say hey lets play this game it's awesome. What is my friend supposed to do watch me play it?

StanSmith1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )


Want to play a game with a buddy in the same room? Play a different game that has local multiplayer!

Anybody complaining about this need a reality check. The Wii U version contains EVERYTHING else included in the other versions. The Wii U is in a very difficult position right now and all the Wii U owners bitching about this need to wake up to that fact! You guys just aren't supporting third parties even when they throw you a freaking bone!

Ubisoft have been the biggest supporters of Wii U. Along with Activision, they're trying to keep the console alive and help Nintendo. Rayman Legends being delayed hurt, yes, but it's still coming to Wii U and it will be best played on it and Vita too.

So stop bitching and start buying some damn games instead of complaining over little things like offline coop! It's not like they did what WB did to Batman and skipped the multiplayer completely!

Good god, some of you make me ashamed to own a Wii U!

RicardJulianti1751d ago

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if offline co-op could be patched in after launch.

Stroke6661751d ago

Dude consumers like you drive big corps. So would you pay the same for a 2 bedroom apt as you would a 3 bedroom apt? They both got a bath room, living room, kitchen, the only d8fference is that ONE room. The logical answer is hell to the no. Keep the bones and throw the same steaks you throw to everyone else. Like realplaya said they not only changed rayman from being exclusive, but delayed the wii u version for 7 months, but in order to put it out on tine on other systems they just leave parts out of the wii u version. This will lead people not to buy the game on wii u then they will complain games don't sell on the wii u. Gimped games won't sell period, it makes people feel cheated. I don't even care for online coop but y do I have to pay the same price for an incomplete product. And don't say so the dev can continue to make games for the wii u. If you support a dev that gives you gimped games they will continue to give you gimped games cause you bought it and basically say its ok by doing so.

StanSmith1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

How is this gimped? Have you seen the extra features ONLY for Wii U? They didn't just port this across with a simple map on the Wii U gamepad. They actually thought about how they could use the strengths of the extra screen within the game.

It's missing offline coop. Thats it. Everything else is included day one. Like I said, with Batman Arkham Origins, the total lack of multiplayer is inexcusable. Here, they simply didn't have enough time to implement offline coop.

Also, with you wanting parity between platforms, do you disagree with Ubisoft using exclusive features for only the WiiU? Afterall, why should 360 owners, for example, pay the same as Wii U gamers without Ubisoft taking advantage of Smartglass?

Regarding Rayman legends, the delay actually allowed them to make the game bigger and better, all for the same price as before just 5 months later. The previews I've read, all state the WiiU is the definitive version anyway. It's a null point. I mean what would you prefer? Ubisoft stick to the original date and release the ports later with exclusive levels or wait just 5 more months and get the definitive edition on WiiU? I know which i would prefer.

Ubisoft have been good to Nintendo, and Nintendo fans are just biting the hand that feeds them.

Realplaya1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

First off I respect Ubisoft and love the support they have given so far. I speak from a concerned fan of Nintendo and their consumers. The moment they here this feature is missing and the other versions have it they get upset and refuse to buy. Also some same that the Wii U has features the others aren't getting. It has a controller which allows for those features so that's a mute argument. I want this game to sale well. I want Nintendo to do well and I wan't anyone who has a Wii U to not have thoughts about supporting Ubisoft. But make no mistake they only care about one thing at the end of the day and that's about making a profit.When we buy their games they are not personally emailing you to say thank you.
]Now with that being said.

So your saying that if someone is eating a meal you would be ok if they threw you a bone?

Your not doing me a favor by giving me a game to play there are other means of entertainment. I'm doing you a favor by buying your game and keeping your company in business. How bout you give Nintendo fans a completed game and shaft the other two consoles owners the shaft and see how they feel with getting a bone.

Or how bout you not delay a game that was originally intended for the one console and release it on time.

Also if your boss said were not giving you a raise along with everyone else were letting you keep your job. You shouldn't get mad because we are throwing you a bone what wouold you say?

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Summons751751d ago

Eh, without two gamepads it wouldn't be really fair for whoever didn't have a gamepad and the one with the gamepad would be doing all the work. Until Nintendo starts releasing gamepads separate this makes sense....don't know why they haven't yet, they confirmed the WiiU can use up to two gamepads at the same time so why not sell them separately?

ricochetmg1751d ago

We are still waiting on that question

TekoIie1751d ago

There is the Pro controller. Is Blacklist not compatible with that?

Summons751751d ago

Probably but at that point why even bother with the WiiU version if you aren't even going to take advantage of all the extra features they are adding to the game with gamepad use.

Yodagamer1751d ago

This is wii all over again, they are gonna start making crappy ports and then when they stop making crappy ports and/or make good games no one is going to buy them because no one trust third parties on nintendo platforms. I know ubisoft is making their best effort for the wii u, but alot of developers need to make them feature equals or better in order to actually have a chance of selling on wii u.

AbortMission1751d ago

You keep saying "3rd parties need to" make their games the best on the Wii u but why should they when there is little incentive to do so other than low sales? Are you fanboys STILL at it with the "b-b-b-b-bbut 3rd parties are lazy with Nintendo!"? Open your eyes

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