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BT writes: This feeling is prevalent throughout the whole experience. Pikmin 3 is a “great game, but” title. There is always something holding it back from achieving its full potential. I highly recommend the game, but feel that the flaws need to be exposed. Nintendo is still yet to produce that product that shows the Wii U off to its full potential. So far they have only shown us glimpses of what it could do, and unfortunately, Pikmin 3 feels like a missed opportunity. My only hope is that Nintendo is truly going to show their understanding of the next generation and update the game to include many of the features I have mentioned here, because with a bit more love, Pikmin 3 could go from a great game to an amazing one.

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BullyMangler1693d ago

The Reviewers Cons with Pikmin 3: Not enough content, Some control issues = 7 outta 10 ?

makes lots of sense

sYke! (:

gamer421693d ago

It's his opinion, and if he feels that there wasn't enough content then leave him be.

BullyMangler1692d ago

if i play a game that nobody else can imagine or put that much brain work into it, why would i minus points just because the game needs more content? minus points are only really acceptable when something is WRONG with a game no?

opinions and facts are 2 different

_QQ_1692d ago

Don't worry it still has nothing but positive reviews on metacritic, not even TLOU has that.let these random sites give it what they want.