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Kickstarter brought the tabletop classic back, but is this old school RPG just a pile of drek?

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Xof1691d ago

I'm not going to read this review.

First off, it's "dreck," and the simple fact of posing that question demonstrates the author's attempt to capitalize on the ridiculous, unwarranted controversy the game has generated.

A good hook entices readers; a bad hook drives them away.

Murad1691d ago

Reading your comment just drives me away. Also, Blistered Thumbs has been known to provide quality reviews, so clearly, you're incorrect.

Xof1691d ago

Nothing I said was incorrect.

I didn't want to read the review. That was a correct assessment of my opinion.

Dreck is spelled with a "C". That, too, is correct.

The purpose of a hook is to get people to read an article. That is the correct meaning of the term. Conversely, a poor hook will discourage further reading. Also correct.

Whether or not the review itself is attempting to capitalize on the silly whining that's been going on about the game is immaterial: the hood /does/.

And I'm not sure what you're being driven away from. Maybe you ought to clarify.