On the Cancellation of Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun

Last month, the bombshell was unearthed and dropped by a well-known blogger named Mama Robotnik that Square Enix had spent three years building a new title in the long-dead Legacy of Kain series, to be titled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun, but last year, the project was scrapped. Square Enix confirmed Mama Robotnik's claims and defends its decision, arguing that sales projections didn't look promising. Still, Square Enix is going ahead and letting the game's multiplayer tack-on be released as a standalone project later this year under the name Nosgoth. This is terrible news for Legacy of Kain fans, which becomes more and more clear the more you learn about Dead Sun.

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Everlastingfate1755d ago

Great series... Disappointing.

1754d ago
Razputin1755d ago

I think the issue with games like these is the need for developers -- mainly publishers to forcibly tack on multiplayer.

I really hate it.

Square/Eidos really need to do some soul search and reevaluate their current standings with their games.

They really need to do something fresh and not their games that have already been remade/rebooted/refreshed and published. (Tomb Raider, FF series, Deus Ex, Hitman)

We could have used a new Legacy of Kain, or a Thief game that doesn't sound horrible.

Well whatever, this last Hitman was good, but the other were a lot better. This Deus Ex I couldn't get past the second mission, and Tomb Raider was amazing but short, and never even wanted to try the multi player.

Shad0wRunner1755d ago


Legacy Of Kain, is not a multiplayer game. It is and always has been a single player, story driven series. Multiplayer wouldve killed this game.

Pozzle1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

I've got bad news for ya - They're making a Legacy of Kain MMO. D:

Shad0wRunner1754d ago

Well...that is very disappointing, to say the least.

If they cant create a true sequel or continuation of LoK, then they shouldnt even bother with it. I do miss Simon Templeman. The man will forever be immortalized as the voice of Kain. In the same manner David Hayter will always be known as Solid Snake.

The Elder God is dead, so the late Tony Jay's absence wouldnt matter much. Raziel entered the Soul Reaver, effectively ending his Michael Bell is no longer needed. So all they would have to do, is recast Simon as Kain and go from there, with a new story. Hell, I'd even take a full reboot if they did it right.

I'd have to see more of this...MMO and it would have to be on PS4, for sure. But I just cant see a Nosgoth without Kain. Unbelievable.

DeadlyFire1754d ago

Its not the tacked on MP that is the problem. Great SP games can have Multiplayer. Its not always bad for the SP portion of the game.

Turning it into a MMO on the other hand kills the SP portion of the game. As MMO story usually sucks.

I expect Nosgoth will be a free to play MMO on PS4/X1 in 2014.

Shad0wRunner1755d ago

Glad they cancelled it.

A Legacy Of Kain Game, without even so much as a cameo appearance of Kain...would've been garbage, anyway. Even the previous 5 LoK games featured Kain at some point. He was one of the most fundamental characters in the game!

Legacy Of Kain: Defiance, ended (spoiler) with Raziel entering the Soul Reaver and Kain becoming the Scion Of Balance and the savior of Nosgoth. Any continuation of the series, should pick up right after that moment.

By the God's, I swear...if I have to put pen to paper and write my own story for a new LoK game and send it in to Square-Enix, I will. UGH!

MWH1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

I agree with you my friend, even if it disappoints.
the ending of Defiance was one of the most memorable in gaming history, it's something else on par with an epic Hollywood movie or a classic novel.

no Kain, no Game.

Borknees1754d ago

And how do you know there would have been no cameo appearance by Kain?

Why are you glad that they canceled the new game?

Shad0wRunner1754d ago

"You see, the plot--of both Dead Sun and my pitch--involved a new protagonist, a being trapped between the world of humans and the world of vampires, who lives in a future in which Kain no longer exists."

You wouldve known that, if you had read the article.

No Kain, no game.

Pozzle1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

I refuse to believe there is a future where Kain no longer exists. D:

...unless he's off time-traveling or something.

Borknees1753d ago

Or rather, you should go and read the original NeoGAF source, which does not say anywhere that Kain no longer exists.

RememberThe3571754d ago

Square is poison to creativity. I love the Edios has been able to put out so many damn good games with Square behind them. But all you hear Square talk about is sales numbers.

They never support their product on principle, never seem to really even care about the games they're putting out. Even EA will talk about the quality of their product proudly (hear them talk about DICE). With Square it never seem good enough. They seem to want every Edios game to blow up the charts when those games have basically been reboots of dying franchises. Eidos has revived their catalog and all I ever hear Square talk about is sales expectations. Pathetic.

They just don't show an wisdom or passion in what they do. If the N4G comment section can pick apart your entire strategy then you have a problem. Square has been consistently torn apart here, they have a problem.

Snookies121754d ago

This just hurts to hear... I wanted a new LoK game for quite some time...

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