Modern Final Fantasy is a Mess of Male Gaze

BT writes: Every gamer on the internet has an opinion about Final Fantasy. Is VII the pinnacle of JRPGs or an overrated exercise in melodrama? Are Squall and Tidus insufferable jerks or do they both have character arcs that change them from flawed beginnings? Did XIII kill the series or was it a rocky start to an epic saga? Just ask around on any message board and prepare yourself for a shouting match.

There’s room for debate on almost every aspect of Square’s long-running RPG franchise, but one issue is becoming increasingly clear: Motomu Toriyama needs to go.

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Xof1837d ago

If anyone is unsure: this article is pure drivel.

The basic gist of it is that the guy thinks Toriyama ought to be making eroge instead.

Abriael1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

I didn't have the slightest doubt, but thanks for saving me the bother of giving those unprofessional jerks a hit.

And by the way, they're also ignorant, as the "OFFICIAL PROMOTIONAL ART BY JONATHAN JACQUES-BELLETÊTE" is in no way "official promotional art". It's just an homage drawn for a joint conference at a past event. It never appeared in any promotional material.

Always sad to see people posting this misguided crap and giving it attention it doesn't deserve.

1836d ago
CrossingEden1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

I agree, look at the change of final fantasy character design
from this beautiful unique artwork
to this generic and bland character artwork from toriyama
the males are getting more and more cookie cutter
cloud is a perfect example
granted, none of this has to do with gameplay, but final fantasy at first was classical japanese fantasy and now it's just sci-fi fantasy

Lord_Sloth1836d ago

^That's Nomura's art, not Toriyama's.

Abriael1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Looks like the ignorant band together and tend to agree with each other. You don't even know who drawn it.

CrossingEden1836d ago

that's my fault, confused nomura with toriyama, only human people, humans make mistakes, doesn't make me "ignorant," which is the most used word for people who play japanese games more than any other genre

arronax-11835d ago

Their disgusted that this game has fanservice and yet games like FF6 & 7 was able to get away with bare Siren ass and jiggle physics?
Hell last time I remember some final fantasy games has porn magazines inside of them. I believe it was 4,8 and something else.

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Pozzle1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

I think a more important thing to focus on would be the fact that Toriyama can't write a story for shit. After playing The 3rd Birthday and seeing what he did to Aya Brea and the other PE characters...*shudders*

Though I just looked up Toriyama's wikipedia page and it says he was the one who came up with the Honey Bee Inn in Final Fantasy VII. Huh.

Godmars2901836d ago

Yeah. The man should have been shelved into corner office after 3rd Birthday.

arronax-11835d ago

Can you tell me why people hate 3rd Birthday so much?

MikeyDucati11836d ago

Honestly I thought that kind of goes hand in hand with certain Japanese games.

johny51836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

well I am exited for Final Fantasy 15! The footage they have shown has me more exited than all three games in the FF 13 series combined. I personally would like to see a Final Fantasy game use Final Fantasy twelve's gameplay mechanics again maybe for another sequel in that series or a totally new game.

I just hope we don't have the same controversy with the next generation of Final Fantasy games as we had this Gen with the Gimped graphics and choice of music "pop music" and bad character designs as there were no memorable villains as the past games. They also need to bring back Character theme music like the past games because i can't think of any music that stands out a side from the theme music!

They also need to bring back a proper level up system as that's what killed my interest for FF13 "felt I was having my hand held!" and they also need to create a more seamless travel between levels like adding more towns and city's because the first game felt very empty and uninteresting for such a long game! "wouldn't hurt to add more side quest's and NPC's with interesting back story's!"

Foxgod1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Personally i think Final fantasy is an artistic mess.
Its technically very beautifull, but the looks lack hierarchy and are very unaesthetic, and therefore unpleasant to look at.

I long for the designs of the old days, they where way more in place with the settings and the atmosphere.

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