EverQuest Next Gets New Highlights Video, 36 New Screenshots and Artwork

Following the unveiling of EverQuest Next Sony Online Entertianment released 36 between screenshots and artwork and an highlight video of EverQuest next.

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Abriael1572d ago

it most probably will sooner or later

AzureskyZ1572d ago

PC version is their priority but with dcuo, planetside 2 both showing up on ps4, the chances are ps4 will get it as well--

PeEsFour1572d ago

It will most likely. The same happens with Planetside 2

Kryptix1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Knowing that a developer has stated that Everquest Next can be run on 5-4 year old PC hardware, it is meant to be played by a wide audience. They want a lot of gamers to play it and help the game grow, so we'll eventually see a PS4 version soon. Everything they showed was amazing, if it does come out on PS4, this will be the MMO I will mostly be playing on the PS4 and dedicate my time to. 40 different classes that can be mixed to create new ones? There's going to a lot of unique players in the world with that feature.

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starchild1571d ago

Wait, I thought all Playstation owners also owned gaming rigs. So why not play it there with the best graphics and performance possible?

DigitalRaptor1571d ago

The point has always been that most console gamers also have PCs. And whilst most of these PCs aren't gaming dedicated, they are probably good enough to play games, even at low-medium spec.

The console experience is unique and some people prefer playing it on there. And now these online games can be dialled up on PS4 to the same max graphics and performance as the high-end rigs. Just watch this video for insight on these games coming to PS4.

_LarZen_1571d ago

Dave Georgeson has said that he PC version need to be "kickass" before they move on to a other platform.

Fingers crossed for a PS4 version later.

gazgriff2k121571d ago

trust me this will come to ps4

GABRIEL10301571d ago

Sure, like Planetside 2 !

greyhaven331571d ago

I don't see a game made by SOE not be released on the PS4 at some point

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WeAreLegion1572d ago

Let's just go ahead and get that PS4 petition started now, shall we?

3-4-51571d ago

Yea this game looks awesome. The first MMO I've actually wanted to play since I quit WoW in 2007.

Eldyraen1572d ago

I'm disappointed in the huge change in art direction personally (compared to other EQ games).

It isn't so much that I don't think it looks good (as it does, in a cartoony sort of way--bit more Torchlight than WoW though imo) but just such a drastic change. The Kerrans look like they got a bit too much Tauren in them now (as more bulked up 'super animorph' now than originals) and doubt its only thing I don't necessarily prefer as we haven't seen much yet.

However, everything else I hear and see seems to smooth that over a bit as the game itself sounds pretty cool. I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing more about it as it sounds significantly more 'next gen' than most MMOs which rely more on the same basic mechanics/principles that came before them.

Abriael1572d ago

I agree on the art style, but it's growing on me some, and the concepts are really cool

wishingW3L1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

it looks good though. And by being cartoony the characters can be even more expressive and the environments more unique.

Alexious1571d ago

I don't really mind the art direction. However, I mind the fact that this is not a true sandbox by any means. I feel we've been lied to, at least in part, as Smedley repeatedly cited EVE Online as an example of emergent gameplay.

Well, EQN is nothing like it. It sounds like an evolution of GW2, but certainly not a sandbox.

Gimmemorebubblez1571d ago

Did you see the jumping and teleporting demo of the two characters, that showed off a sand-boxy environment.

doi1572d ago

This is AWESOME! This is definitely a must have.

Guwapo771572d ago

This is shaping up to be pretty cool but what is it really about? Has to be much more than just making your home look pretty to be a successful MMORPG...

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