SOE Live 2013: Five of EverQuest Next's classes announced

Massively: "While yesterday's big reveal showed us what races are confirmed as playable so far in EverQuest Next (Dwarf, Human, Ogre, Elf, Dark Elf, and Kerran), only two classes were highlighted during the demonstration. We also discovered that characters will be able to learn more classes -- and there are more than 40 of them -- as they adventure. But what are all the classes and which ones can players choose when they first embark on their next Norrathian exploits?"

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i am really hoping for a PS4 announcement for this game soon

StockpileTom1872d ago

Its really sickening hearing all those comments talking about rotations and stuff. To me that's a handicap in an MMORPG if you are just going around with a prescripted battleplan how are you role playing? No, you are just merely spamming...

These outdated mechanics they are accustomed to needs to be changed. I want more attachment to the character, more customization....

I want READ AND REACT gameplay...
something dynamic that actually requires skill.

A low level challenger should be able to outwit a much higher level character with skill. (though of course it is still an RPG stats do matter - one mistake means death for the low level character)

By the looks of it EQ Next might be taking a step in the right direction.