5 Vital PS4 Accessories To Have When You Get Your Shiny New System

We list the 5 most vital PS4 accessories that will enhance your console experience.

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Dunpeal1879d ago

1/5 for me PS Elites are a sexy ride

abzdine1879d ago

i have the Vita, i hope Watch Dogs will have an app on Vita tp hack stuff using it.
i'd add PS Move to this list, i think games like Killzone will be amazing with Move support

Dunpeal1879d ago

i'm not big on accessories unless they REALLY REALLY enhance my gaming experience, but cheers to those who enjoy all of the other accesories

Pixel_Enemy1879d ago

I already have the Vita and the Pulse Elite headset. I can't wait to get my PS4!

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PSVita1879d ago

Wait so will the vita be able to play every single ps4 game or just some because I keep hearing both?

GamerGuy1531879d ago

Sony has said that all games will be playable on Vita as SOny is requiring it from developers. They can do that because the PS4 has a chip on board that runs the video compression natively for developers so they dont have to do any extra work besides map the controls to the Vita. So all games will work on the Vita except for those that require a peripheral like the camera or the move. But your standard Killzone, Infamous, WatchDogs will all work

PSVita1879d ago

Thanks a ton gamerguy153 :)

I'm going to look but could you post a link if possible.

Burr_Rabbit1878d ago

Yea! I'm looking forward to this one! I hope it will not disappoint me.

Mounce1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I've owned the Pulse Elite for about a year now. They're great quality though I'd personally avoid buying them due to their uncomfortability. They don't fully cup your ears and it's like a 50/50 in terms of cupping your ear and pressing-against.

The bass feature generally is turned off because the 'Rumbling' noise is more like broken-overly-heavy rumbling that is unnatural in games or movies. Most youtube videos don't help either. The only time the Bass feature is usable is in high quality songs that you have downloaded and are metal/techno kind of songs, anything calm or quiet and it also makes it sound distorted and overly-loud rubbery-rumbling noises.

And no, it's not because my headset are broken or faulty, the rumbling seems to be how it is and everyone gets the same(These are my second pair too and both had same 'Bass' strangeness) At that, the Surround Sound feels hollow when used on PS3, music and games sound MUCHHH better if it stays 2.0. With 2.0 you still hear Audio-detections from gunfire or footsteps in the right direction in FPS's or the like.

I'd go with Astro Headset which support Consoles as well or Tritton in my personal experience in buying Headsets over the past 5 years.

generalthadeape1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

There are better headsets than the Sony Pulse & Pulse Elite-- but they're going to cost a lot more and all of those other headsets require a lot of wires to mess with.

The Sonys simply can't be beat if you want to plug & play. Both sets actually sound pretty good-- butI prefer the cheaper Sony Pulse $99 over the Sony Pulse Elite because the rumble on the Elite sets had to be turned almost all the way off due to sounding like they were "blown"-- the sound coming from them was nothing less than "horrible".

If I am going to pay $50 more for a certain "feature", I at least want to use it.

I exchanged the cheaper set for the newer set-- I didn't want to leave myself guessing "if I was missing out on anything"-- and decided the price difference wasn't worth it to me.

Sure, the Sony Pulse Elite looked great-- but I want to get the most out of my money.

I also got very confused when it came to adjusting the sound on the more expensive Elites because the sliders were on both sides and I couldn't remember which switch to use most of the time.

Again, when it comes to simplicity & using something that actually works, I'd suggest the cheaper Sony Pulse over the rest-- especially since you can buy a "used" set off of Craigslist for $45.

Of course, there are many other headsets out there that work on the PS3 & PS4-- but, I must say that I was more than surprised by the Sony branded ones-- that's why I kept them.

rigbybot1271878d ago

I'm buying a Grand Theft Auto V Pulse headset basically just for the GTA V Sound Mode.

Mounce1878d ago


Just as long as you know. The GTAV 'Mode' is just a customized balance of the audio mixer being changed....

GTAV is just a Preset mode, its not anything fancy or anything different so don't buy into it assume you're getting something MORE. You can get a Pulse Driver app on the PS3 and it gives you different presets to things like Movie/Horror/Action/Games/Musi c. GTAV as an Addition is nothing but a gimmick by Name alone. It'd probably be like them twiddling a few virtual levers and slapping a new name on it, really that's all ._.

itBourne1878d ago

I absolutely love my pulse elites, and I dont have any comfort issues. I as well turn my headset bass boost off 90% of the time. To be fair though I listen to country music so it doesnt really fit with that.

On the same note, playing through The Last of Us with the bass boost on was nothing short of spectacular. The mic isnt as good as my previous turtle beach headsets, which is my only complaint.

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Donnieboi1878d ago

That controller-charging dock is useless because Sony already confirmed that we can charge our dual shock 4 controllers via usb port, even WHILE the PS4 is turned OFF/standby (unlike the PS3)

guitarded771878d ago

I have a pair, and love them. Also already have a Vita, so I'm golden there. I'll eventually get the new PS Eye for Move support and whatnot. Also get a charge cradle eventually, but gonna wait for the official Sony one. The controller clip is not something I need.

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christrules00411879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Why buy a charger base for the Dualshock 4 when the PS4 charges controllers while off? I don't have or need a smart phone so I don't need the clip. Playstation camera? No thanks. The PS pulse headset is alright but I perfer a good headset that lets me set the chat volume and the game volume seperately. The PS Vita I will pick up though. It'll be useful for when I watch a sports game and feel like playing a game paying half attention to the football game. If it is my team I watch the game but sometimes I watch the other teams games just to see if the teams in the other division can help my team get into the playoffs. LETS GO RIDERS

Williamson1879d ago

Just like the ps3 charged the controllers itself as well, saved me a lot money.

Donnieboi1878d ago

Yeah but the PS4 can charge it even while the PS4 is off. The PS3 had to be turned on to charge it. As long as PS4 is plugged in wall, it can still charge controller while console is on off/standby mode.

NexGen1879d ago

You can set game and chat volume independently on both the pulse and pulse elite.

christrules00411879d ago

LOL yup. Best ever in franchise history is a 6-0 start so we will find out soon if they can break it . The Hamilton Edmonton game was awesome. I just hope Durants foot is 100% by next friday when they play. Don't want them to aggravate it or possibly injure it worse. Are you a rider fan too?

QuickdrawMcgraw1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Who isn't a Rider.Even people that say they hate them,secretly like them lol.Anyway I go way back to the early 70's as a Rider fan.As Led Zep would say,been through the good times bad times.Riders need to hide Drew Willy so Ottawa won't pick him.

KwietStorm1879d ago

Well the Pulse Elite has a slider for game and chat volume, so it's kinda independent volume settings for both in one.

MWong1879d ago

Agreed don't need the charger. The Smart Clip and PS Plus Elite headset look pretty bad ass. I don't think I'll get them though still have my TB headset and my iPad. I hope they have a stand, at launch.

HolyDuck1878d ago

Because say you use a USB powered Headset, that's a few cables coming out your ps4, then charging two controller onto that, thats more cables all over the place, when you could possibly just have it charging two controller from the mains.

Burr_Rabbit1878d ago

Yea! I'm gonna get me a vita also just for that reason! Lol! My wife has control of the tv but now I can play while she is on! Yay! I'm excited! Don't get me wrong she loves her some football but its all that other crap she watches that gets me! :)

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Lwhit61879d ago

I really want that Sony pulse headset!

dcj05241879d ago

Its INCREDIBLE. Seriously. Battlefield 3 is so scary with them. Its all quiet and KABOOOOOM and the headset physically BOOMS with it. You don't want to play horror games trust me.

Lwhit61879d ago

Duuuuude! I want it even more now! How much were they? I've been looking for a headset for my ps4 and these look BEAST!

ZodTheRipper1879d ago

Now I'll be getting it lol
So I'm at 2/5 accessories now ^.^

Tatsuya 1879d ago

really? Is it better than my TB PX22? If so, should I wait for the pulse elite v2.0 or just get the current one?

DigitalRaptor1879d ago

They're $149.99

Pretty pricey, but a good investment. They're awesome. Compatible with PS3, PS4 and your PC or Mac.

LackTrue4K1878d ago

game stop had them on sale for 129, i traded in some games and i only paid about 60 bucks.
well worth the price!

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Guwapo771879d ago


You didn't read the words under the picture? It gave you the suggested retail price...

Lwhit61878d ago

Haha I didn't, I just had time to see the picture. And no actually everyone that says they're 150 are wrong, they're 127 on amazon.

christrules00411879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

The pulse headset is $150. I really hope I sent this to the right person LOL

HardcoreGamer211879d ago

i agree to the ps eye the elite headset and the maybe the ps vita but the two other items are shit

DragonPs41879d ago

and more games and a extra controller

all of that crap listed seems useless to me

Electric-flamingo1879d ago

Lol knack.

Cool list. Wounds like a bunch of multiplats and 1 good game. I really really hope Sony announces something at gamerscom.

DragonPs41879d ago

knack is a game that my kid will enjoy.

xxBiG_BoSSxx1879d ago

What makes you think they won't announce more games, either at Gamescom or TGS or whenever?

SCE has consistently released plenty of exclusives throughout the lifespan of all three of their consoles(PS1,2,& 3).

Historically, Sony provides playstation owners with a great variety of gaming experiences.

What reason could there be to doubt their ability to have games now?

KwietStorm1879d ago

Why is everyone all of a sudden so concerned about exclusives in the launch lineup like it's make or break? Like it's even relevant?

DigitalRaptor1879d ago

@ KwietStorm

I know man. It seems that really, people are desperate to justify the superiority of their future purchase. It's not relevant really, when you think about the lifespan of a console. It's a short term perk, that really shows these people can only think about the now and not look to the short to long term future.

I'll just put this here:

Those that think a launch line up represents the console for its lifespan are incredibly short sighted. Look at the 360 and you'll know that's not the case.

PSVita1879d ago

Knack looks great. I like games like R&C, Crash, Jak &Dex, Sly, Spyro etc. so I'm looking forward to this.

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admiralvic1879d ago

I'm just trying to grasp why the Vita would be vital to owning a PS4? If you don't care about playing PS4 games on the go, then it adds absolutely nothing to the system. At least with the camera you might find some sort of use, like rail shooters are the only thing I played with my move.

bjmartynhak1879d ago

And it is on the go if you have internet on your Vita, a bit unlikely for flights, trains, buses...

PSVita1879d ago

Flights, trains, and buses have wifi but the 3G would work on them too.

Anyways it's great. The WiiU based its entire system around the idea of remote play. I'd love to take my RPGs and MMOs on the go.

admiralvic1878d ago

@ PSVita

Some do, some don't. Like I've never been on a flight (maybe an airport) with wifi, just like I've never seen a wifi hotspot bus. Maybe they exist, but not for everyone. Also the 3G can't support online play for most Vita titles, so I doubt it can handle streaming and even if it can, I doubt your wallet can.

The Wii U is NOT based off remote play. The Wii U is based off the idea of the DS's dual screen. By having a second screen that can mess with elements of the world, they're able to make games that have hidden elements only one person can see or allow the gamepad user the power to add / remove things in the world around them (like in Mario). Sure some games feature off TV play, but that is more of a feature, than the idea behind the console.

Bigkurz851878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

First of all, people who don't see the utility of ps4 games being playable on the Vita haven't lived with a female, non-gamer significant other. Sometimes, you just can't be occupying the television set for gaming. Instead you can sit on the couch on your Vita playing Uncharted 4 while she watches the latest reality show garbage. And that only takes into account using the Vita AT HOME, not the on-the-go capabilities.

Also, I have unlimited 4G data and can tether my Vita to my phone. So I've got 4G speed gaming anywhere I go. Assuming it works like its supposed do (a BIG if given Sony's remote play history), I should truly have access to my ps4 games anywhere. Exciting!

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T21879d ago

If you really love bf and kz then u should really get the pulse headset .... I have a yamaha avr with 4 towers , a center and a sub , and I still use my pulse headset 70 percent of the time ... The best is you can clearly hear people sneaking up on you... 50 percent of ppl trying to knife me get lit up

KwietStorm1879d ago

Do you use shooter or game preset?

T21876d ago

you mean on my pulse? I don't think the base model has those presets, on my Yamaha AVR I use action game