XVox - Episode 6: Mixing Potions

Title: Mixing Potions
Participants: Dustin, Jason, Devon, Michael, Eric, Sean, Andrew and Fortune.

* Xbox One GPU Clock Increased by 53 Mhz
* Xbox One is Designed to be Always-On for 10 years
* Xbox One drops the Xbox Guide
* Microsoft Patent Uncovered for "Fortaleza" Gaming Glasses - Xbox One's Oculus Rift?
* Xbox Live Enforcement United Program turns Gold Subscribers into Judge Dredd, Basically
* Microsoft Dominates Gamescom Hall
* You Can Use Video Capture Devices On Xbox One
* Microsoft Confirms 360 Headset Adapter for Xbox One
* No More Cheats or Jerks - Reputation on Xbox One
* Forza 5 is "The Hardest Thing Turn 10 Has Ever Done", Xbox One Cloud Offers 600% More AI Capability
* Xbox Brings the Funny With Comedy Central and Nickelodeon
* Games with Gold for August: Crackdown, Dead Rising 2 & DR2: Case Zero
* John Carmack Comments on Xbox One

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smerfy1807d ago

great stuff and good to have some people in the community. good recap of all the craziness of the last week