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Rise of the Triad is a title that has gone by unnoticed for a long time. Even during its 1995 release, In spite of the game’s being downright crazy fun, was overlooked when titles such as Duke Nukem 3D or Quake came out a year after. However, there were a lot of fans for Rise of the Triad, and now in 2013, Frederik Schreiber along with his indie company, Interceptor Entertainment, are trying to bring the franchise back to life, and in all honesty, it very much is after the release.

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Jourdy2881841d ago

You know, I think it's better for a game to have no single player and have AWESOME multiplayer than to good multiplayer and wasted single player.

Murad1841d ago

Totally agree. If it focuses on multiplayer and that's what makes it fun, there's no reason to have a single player.

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Murad1840d ago

I know you won't believe me, but your guys' comments are offending me.

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