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oprainfall writes:

"Since the introduction of the current generation of hardware, the Dynasty Warriors series has been quite a rollercoaster ride. Omega Force, the franchise’s development studio, initially tried to shake things up with a completely new combat system and a number of other mechanical changes in Dynasty Warriors 6, but these changes were received with strong criticism from fans. In response, Omega Force went back to the drawing board for Dynasty Warriors 7, reverted back to the original combo system, and evolved the gameplay and presentation in ways that were much more welcome. And now, with roughly half a year before the formal introduction of Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles, Tecmo Koei brings us Dynasty Warriors 8. But is it another step up or down?"

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wishingW3L1665d ago

this game wouldn't get higher than a 1/5 from me.

fsfsxii1665d ago

Elaborate... oh, it seems that you're just another fanboy. Go back to your Sony vs MS article

Lord_Sloth1665d ago

I'm not sure why. It's the best DW game in the series!

Master-H1665d ago

I have it, it's definitely a step up from current gen DW games (the numbered ones , i don't play the spin ofs like empires)
But compared to last gen DW titles, like the awesome DW4 and DW3 , let's just say that's debatable .

The_Truth_24_71665d ago

It's the second coming of DW3. Ambition mode is awesome. All this game needs is a really deep create an officer.

Drabent1665d ago

The DW series is the worst example of rehashed crap in the world, even worse than CoD.

Hicken1665d ago

Which kinda proves that you don't actually play the games. Far more changes in the DW series from title to title than all generation for Call of Duty.

Drabent1665d ago

Adding 10 characters with different color clothes that look the same and the ability to climb ladders lol....wOw your easy to please Hicken.

Master-H1664d ago

Dude , don't like it don't buy it, people bash cod because it sells soo much making other games developers try to appeal to the CoD crowd, at least this is a niche title, and not many people buy it ,so what's your reasoning for bashing this one ? can't we just buy the games that are fun to us anymore ? do we have to only buy games that are new and innovative regardless if we enjoy them or not? stop hating.