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oprainfall writes:

"Medieval fantasy – whether it be light or dark – has always fascinated me the most among the many fantasy sub-genres out there. A rag-tag group of adventurers going on the journey of a lifetime, littered with loot, horrid and majestic beasts, and with a goal to vanquish all evil – leading to the restoration of peace throughout the land. The sheer sense of discovery – treading where no man has ever stepped foot, standing up to the ever impending doom and destroying said doom with hand-forged weaponry, magic, and archery. It’s ingenious and incredibly enthralling fiction that caused an itch within me that I scratched a lot during my youth. Through imagination with friends and family, or by reading/watching the many books and movies out there; I couldn’t stop my consumption of medieval fantasy goodness. However, when “adulthood” kicked in, my previous interests and activities either got buried or forgotten, like a locked chest filled with nostalgia and memories residing in the depths of my mind. It had been awhile since that sense of youthful adventure had resurfaced within me. That is, until Vanillaware and Atlus’ Dragon’s Crown came out. It was just the key."

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