Risk and Reward: The Lure of the Trophy

Trophies: love them or loathe them, they're here to stay.

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DwightOwen1842d ago

Achievements and Trophies: the worst thing to happen to gaming after the Internet.

fsfsxii1842d ago

Some people make me laugh. You're one of them :)
I would like to understand what made trophies the "WORST" thing to happen to gaming??

Jaqen_Hghar1842d ago

A man thinks trophies add to the life of a game. A man never buys a game based on trophies but it does push him to play on the hardest difficulty and go back to playthrough again for collectibles. A man won't play online for platinums though that's just stupid.

sincitysir11842d ago

I replay and try new things in games I would otherwise avoid. Trophies are both a curse and a gift

IQUITN4G1842d ago

The system of trophies is a good one and arguably better than what MS has but it's not the same thrill sense that achievements give. No doubt plenty of people care for the trophy system but not nearly as much I bet as those that bang on about them using MS's system. Of the two people I know that have PS3, trophies are never a topic of conversation in the way achievements are always discussed with other friends. Personally I don't let achievements get in the way but they're definitely a fun aspect to how we game

Basically MS did it right in a way that more people give a shit about it and while yes of course people will champion trophies as the better method, truthfully they're not

iiwii1841d ago

And game patches that account for DLC should never change your completion percentage toward the trophy you are trying to achieve if you have not yet purchased that DLC (like COD does).

By doing that it forces you to purchase DLC that you may not want just to go online and play with your friends even if you haven't achieved the offline trophies you are working to get (I like to take my time on those but still like to go online at times too).