Attack of the Friday Monsters: A Tokyo Tale Review | Polygon

Polygon: "Attack of the Friday Monsters: A Tokyo Tale is not nearly big enough to hold the amount of affection I harbor for it, which isn't the worst problem for a game to have. Its eight-dollar price tag is a welcome invitation to live, albeit briefly, in the world Millennium Kitchen has invented — but after the credits rolled, and after I polished off the last few quests in the post-game chapter, I was sorely disappointed that I couldn't pay a bit more to play a bit more."

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Xof1810d ago

The one thing that really surprised me about this game is simply how utterly gorgous it is. It's visuals are easily on par or greater than any other 3DS title.

The actual gameplay is very simple, but it has a very laid-back, innocent charm to it. If you have fond memories of childhood, you'll probably love the game.

It's got some great little touches. One thing that really made me set the game aside and just smile was a random bit where Souta is speaking to a police officer, but calls him a detective, only to be corrected. And after the brief conversation, they both salute each other. Just charming.