List of Every Unique Features Xbox One Offers And Are Worthy of Excitement, $499 Price Tag Justify?

So Microsoft is charging $100 for Xbox One (price tag is $499) as compared to Sony for Playstation 4 (price tag $399). The firm is touting Xbox One as an All in One Entertainment Box, but question that needs answer here is, How True This Claim of Microsoft Is?.

Here is the list of unique features Microsoft's upcoming next-generation console Xbox One Has. Now Isn't Xbox One $499 price tag justify the features it offers to consumers?

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Automatic791809d ago

Having more options/features is never a problem. Xbox One is my choice because it will cater to the experiences I love already for example gaming, Xbox live, sports, TV and more.

NeoTribe1809d ago

Ps does gaming... ps network is better than live. Tv is a dieing breed, so that's an absolete feature. Sports... sports is not what most gamers are into.

snipab8t1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

You'd be surprised at how many gamers are not nonathletic geeks as you stereotype them to be and actually enjoy watching and participating in sports such as NRL, football and surfing.

MikeyDucati11809d ago

LOL these fat spoiled rotten gamers need to sometimes get off their butts and do some exercises!!!

How can you not be into sports??? SMH...

Karpetburnz1809d ago

People don't buy these consoles to watch sports and T.V. People buy them to play games. I'm into some sports like Rugby and football and I also watch a lot of T.V in my spare time, but I already have a cable box to watch channels. So why do I need the Xbox One to do something I already have?

HolyDuck1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

In my experience, of owning both consoles.

Both experiences of online differ, there isn't one that's "better" per-say, they do different things better.

PSN allowed me to get into games and not worry about who I would have to argue with as the general population either had no mic or were more mature.

XBL allowed me to have conversations in private chat with friends, set up matches with friends much quicker and gave a more user friendly experience.

Sure you had the pay for XBL but it was worth it. PSN was free but didn't have nearly as many benefits.

Edit: Also had a terrible time trying to read your post, please use spell checking which is default in most browsers, words such as dying & obsolete should be in your vocabulary anyway.

I'd also like to add the T.V is not a "Dying" breed, Cable boxes are probably in more houses than games consoles.

mikeslemonade1809d ago

I skimmed through all those "unique" features. It looks like 90% or if not all the features can be implemented on PS4 because it's software related. Now the reason why the PS4 doesn't already do some of these things is because it's really not that important in the grand scheme of things.

joe901809d ago

"ps network is better than live"

"Tv is a dieing breed"

"sports is not what most gamers are into"

Ill have some of what your smoking.

CerebralAssassin1809d ago

You would be wrong about that. Every one of my friends play games and are into sports. TV isn't a dying breed. I still watch TV everyday along with everyone else I know. Xbox one tailors to my needs more then the ps4. xbox does everything ps4 does plus more. Dont cars about the "free games" with psn+ because I've already played most. Once ps4 hits I doubt the quality of free games will be the same that are free.

Funantic11809d ago

@Neotribe TV is a dying breed? They said the same thing about home game consoles. As long as sports, reality shows, and blockbuster movies exist then TV's will always be relevant. There are over 100 million cable users in the world. Yes people are using alternatives to cable like internet channels and movies, Netflix, etc. but TVs be around as long as people have sight.

n4rc1809d ago


I know half a dozen people that own a console JUST to play madden..

The stereotype that gamers are fat and lazy is an old and inaccurate one.. Sure there are some.. But I was born in 82.. My generation grew up with gaming.. Even the girls played as kids.. We all hold some nostalgic memories of Mario and excitbike Lol

Gamers are nerds, jocks, rich, poor, black and white.. There is no set stereotype when it comes to gaming..

slampunk1809d ago


I lost you when you said:

"ps network is better than live"


aside from PS+ games, PSN doesn't compete

elhebbo161809d ago

@Mikey I'm not into sports and I'm healthy, your point?

ThanatosDMC1809d ago

Racing stripes add-on makes it worth $200 more... so yes.

James-GAMES1809d ago

Im a sports nut, love following the NFL and MLB especially, but when i sit down in my room and pick up my controller, I don't think to myself maybe I can keep track of my fantasy teams from my console instead of actually using it to game. When i buy a game console i just want to it be good for one sole thing and that is to GAME. I don't want to spend extra $ for kinect nonsense and TV.

PurpHerbison1808d ago

TV is a dying breed? Yet if I was to be a nosey creeper and walk up and down my street peaking into windows during the evening time, I am willing to bet almost every single house would have a TV on with someone watching it.

ironwolf1808d ago

Hmmm. Time to put the PlayStation away and go back to school.

spaceg0st1808d ago

Lol. "Sports is not what most gamers are into."

By the way, how many copies has nba2k sold as well as Fifa, Madden and Tiger woods?

Please stop talking, you're failing to contribute any thing of value to this conversation

SonyPS41808d ago

Good lord, thanks for proving the ignorance of the average N4G user once more.

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Jazz41081808d ago

I wonder if they got permission to take the leave britrany alone you tube video as a picturw or caption. Doubt it .

capjacksparrow1809d ago

I rarely watch tv, and I'm not a fan of waving my arms around as a control mechanism. I also feel odd talking to an inanimate object, so I wouldn't really use Kinect. The fact that Kinect boosts the price up by $100 makes the price too high for me. Don't get me wrong, I could afford all three systems, but I don't care for the policies Microsoft has put forth, for all I know they can re implement them. I've already preordered my PS4, I'm a gamer, so that is what I'm getting. The other stuff will be there (Netflix, Live streaming, sports stuff, etc., not to the extent of Microsoft's console, but it will be there. I'm going to have everything I need and more. I also have a high end PC, cost me around $2,000. I'll get almost every Xbox One game right on here.

MikeyDucati11809d ago

Yea cause gamers only choose PS4. That is such a stupid statement in todays world. It really is.

Bluepowerzz1809d ago

smart gamers only retards who were born around ps2 launch or started gaming around then mostly like xbox

MikeyDucati11809d ago


I don't understand what you're saying.

vlonjati77vlonjati1809d ago

I have over 250 games on ps3 and Vita (thanks also to PS Plus) I can afford any console out there.Aren't I a gamer?

sincitysir11809d ago

He's stating his opinion. Relax. Neither console is superior. They're different in subtle ways jeez. Everyone needs to stop having a heart attack

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Lord_Sloth1809d ago

Interesting Article Picture selection.

memots1809d ago

yeah i think he is trying to get more heat/hit by putting this picture. Make it look like a fanboy crying to justify their purchase.

soljah1809d ago

for me there is one big difference between Sony and ms and that is world wide studio's. i have been very happy with the quantity ,quality and variety of games that the Sony studio's have been releasing over the last 15 years and i am not changing to another system anytime soon.