Sea Combat to Play Central Role in Battlefield 4

DICE revealed yesterday that sea combat is going to be integrated into Battlefield 4 as a central component, and that controlling the sea will be just as important as controlling the land and air.

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xYLeinen1812d ago

I'm glad they are expanding, but not sure if this is my thing. But I really think it could bring us more diversity, and new situations...

Anyway, I'm excited.. I really care for DICE swe and I have no doubt that this will suck another 300 hours from me..

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TekoIie1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Could be fun but also annoying in its own way. I cant be the only one who's fallen off the aircraft carrier on noshahr and Kharg.

I also would love to see an aircraft carrier get blown up though and have it tip into the sea! Would be a drastic change to the map but so epic on the first time. I just hope we have something like the tower falling on every map! :D

xxxsiegezzz1812d ago

That would be cool.
Dice has already stated that every map does have some kind of big levolution even (at least big maps)

elhebbo161812d ago

I think its pretty hard for an aircraft carrier to get blown lol

nick901812d ago

They managed to integrate sea combat into 1942 very well so don't see why they can't do it again here.

Always seems weird to me how Battlefield, in my opinion, has always been trying to play catch up to 1942 since Vietnam was released.

xYLeinen1812d ago

I guess that's a challenge we rarely consider. Developers probably want to keep every game true to the series, but there is a business model to consider as well. Making a game appeal to the broader audience, while staying true to the series.

It's a hard industry, and it takes a lot of time and money to focus on innovation among other things.

xReDeMpTiOnx1812d ago

I wonder how clan matches will actually play out in bf4 especially if sea actually plays a valuable role like land and air.

Will they be like 16v16 18v18?

Bf3 was usually 8v8 12v12

elhebbo161812d ago

if we are talking PS4/X1/PC then its 32 vs. 32 (or 35 based on the 70 player rumor) and 16 vs 16 for smaller servers.

BF4 on PS3/360 will be 12 vs 12 and 8 vs 8

xReDeMpTiOnx1811d ago

I know the player count bro, clan matches are always a different number and more so smaller but it will be interesting to see how many players is the preffered amount.

I'm guessing 12v12 or 16v16 if sea is actually a central role

shooter11812d ago

Not sure if confirmed or not but does anyone else wish that they use the actual sights the real gun uses in Battlefield 4? For example the L85 uses the SUSAT sight.

elhebbo161812d ago

I was watching a recent BF4 video from frankie and he said that there is one gun known to have a standard scope that it brings as its ironsight and that there will be many more like it. here it is if your interested.

iamnsuperman1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

"For example the L85 uses the SUSAT sight".

Well less so now. They have introduced new sights (mostly ACOGs: depending on the units) as (if you have ever used it) if a big heavy piece of kit

I do agree with you though

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