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Doom vs Rise of the Triad?

It sure felt like that back in 1994, when id Software had triumphantly released Doom with its high-end tech and then these guys at Apogee made use of id's older Wolfenstein to make something completely ridiculous as some kind of competition. The end result was Rise of the Triad which was originally intended to be a sequel to Wolfenstein, but when that fell through halfway through development, the creators went crazy, riffing on a genre that barely even existed at that point and doing all kinds of crazy stuff. They added floating pads in the sky that players could walk on because the engine couldn't support floors of varying height, and they piled on the enemies and content because they knew they couldn't beat games based on the newest tech with graphical beauty. (Admittedly, at this point, ROTT was still ahead of the curve when you look at all gaming; most gamers were still on consoles, where the charming but rudimentarily-rendered Starfox on SNES was the epitome of 3D graphics.)

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