Why You Should Buy Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS4 and Xbox One

There are some very good reasons why should wait for the next gen to purchase Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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Homegamer1810d ago

There really isn't a good reason to support a bad game, as BO2 was the last one I will ever purchase, I really hope more people will open up their eyes to a game so copy and pasted

RyuCloudStrife1810d ago

I have come to terms that COD will not die for the next 2-5 years. People, mostly kids will keep requesting parents to buy it for them.

georgeenoob1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

It's been the same game ever since the respawn guys left. I predict that Titanfall will be the new CoD next gen.

ZombieKiller1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Why? So I can have that half assed game that i payed DOUBLE for (with all that downloadable crap) ruin ANOTHER system. Black Ops 2 is such an untested piece of shit that it ruined 2 PlayStations and an Xbox of mine. Im guessing according to Activision, thats my fault too....just like the lag...remember they said the lag was our fault for not having forwarded ports? I didnt have a but still had lag. Totally my fault for I'm not touching another COD title unless its on a system I don't care about losing and have NOTHING else to play. That so-called game isn't touching my ps4 or Xbox one. Especially because there are other games to buy anymore apart from this Omgz quickskopz 360 spin doritoez kids festz.Lol I don't give a shit of the game series dies or not though, cause it keeps all the little kids away from my real games. Ghosts looks sub-par even in the next gen jump....probably chalked up to the fact that they're keeping the same Dev schedule yet releasing it on 5 systems instead of 3 this year.

Oh and Fr0sty (below me).....BUBBLES! that was very well said.

mark134uk1809d ago

im hoping rainbow six patriots will be my next cod,i used to love playing online on black arrow

guitarded771809d ago

If I buy it, it will be for next-gen. Right now I'm just getting a PS4, but if I were to get an XBOX One, I'd buy it for that system. I tend to buy CoD for MS systems, because my MS friends play CoD, and My PSN and PC friends play Battlefield. But yeah, I'd buy it for next-gen just because it will look better. The online community won't be as big on next-gen as this gen, but hopefully the higher price of the new consoles will make it to where more adults are playing, and less kids. I know everyone bitched about the high price of the PS3 at launch, but the up side was that there were no kids online. The high price made it to where just working age people could afford it.

HugoDrax1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Exactly! I agree with you. For example, I pre ordered my XB1 launch console, along with my 13 yr old nephews XB1 launch console at GameStop. He already had COD Ghosts pre ordered for his X360, and I asked him did he want to move the preorder over to XB1 since he will have it at launch. He tells me "NO, because none of my friends will have a XB1/PS4 at launch so I'll just buy it for my X360."

Which leaves me no choice but to buy a copy for XB1 or for my PS4 at launch just to prove a point to my nephew. I told him, he can always make new friends hahaha!

joab7771808d ago

I have wondered for sooo long why developers didnt extend replayablity with weather and day/night cycles. Also, u can take the same map and hav it change a lot just by changing a few things. Imagine 8 maps that each play 10 different ways. I have little hope for the sp but the mp could be fresh enough with the graphics and dynamic maps. Hell, everyone still plays it though there's been little real change since mw and mw2

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Thatguy-3101809d ago

This basically goes for any other multiplatform game. If your'e purchasing a next Gen system then might as well just get the next gen game. COD, Watch Dogs, Assassin's etc.

FITgamer1809d ago

Yeah i don't see why anyone wouldn't, same price for better quality(though Ghost on next-gen looks like current gen). Except maybe because their friends won't be getting on next-gen.

MWong1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

I think a lot of people are fed up with COD. I don't think super smart fish, weather effects and squads are going to change their mind.

COD until they really create something new, COD might be considered current gen.

Johnsonparts231808d ago

@MWong what FPS is really doing anything new and next gen? If anything games like Titanfall and Destiny might be a little, but those aren't launch titles. KZ and BF are the only other ones and it's the same with them. Copy and paste every year with better graphics.

fr0sty1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

I should write a response article... "Why I don't need armchair journalists to tell me what games I do and do not want to buy."

1. I'm a grown man who has probably been playing games longer than the author has been alive.

2. I don't give a flying rat's ass about Call of Duty.

3. I hate list articles.

4. I hate irony even more.

5. ... this website isn't even working.

fr0sty1809d ago

Seriosuly people, enough with the "Why" articles. You are not any more qualified to tell people what they should or shouldn't like than anyone else. These articles are so generic, it's tiring seeing them all the time. 50% of N4G articles these days are "5 reasons why this doesn't suck." "Why you should buy this." etc.

These articles treat the reader as if they are not able to make informed decisions on their own, and treat the author as if they are in some position to tell the reader what they should or should not buy. Ultimately, 9 times out of 10 they just end up being some fanboy crying on a blog about why you shouldn't hate a product they love (I can't say that last claim about this article, as the site doesn't even work so I don't know.).

Can't you people come up with anything more original to write about other than telling other people what they should or shouldn't do?

Salooh1809d ago

I think they are useful but not here in gaming websites. This method inform people of what's good and bad in other places where people don't follow gaming news.

N4g shouldn't approve them though . Same with why X console is better then y . It's just not with the level of people here. People here already decided what they want. Nothing will change them unless they saw news they like. So bring news and that's it..

Lwhit61809d ago

Fr0sty, you are the man.

sevilha821809d ago

Bubbles to you my friend...

Cod is a poorlly made game,that lives from the(previous) great titles of the past made by the original Infinity Ward(you know,the talented ones that were fired),and became a trend nothing else,the quality as been decressing year to year and people are fed up with their sh..t.

My guess is that this year with will sell but sell a lot less and one of two thing happen.

1- Activision suports it and give green light to create a new engine and correct everything that makes the game horrible...

2-Activision kills it like they did to Guitar Hero...

Lets hope they go the firt one,only time will tell.

solidjun51809d ago

Well said my dude. I wish I would click agree multiple times.

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thechosenone1809d ago

Same here if not for a friend who annoyed me to sh*t to get Blops2 for zombies I wouldn't have even fooked with it. I'm looking forward to Killzone, Destiny, BF4 next-gen. COD for me is dead.

spaceg0st1809d ago

I used to be so pissed that every year it was the same copy and pasted game.... Until.... I stopped expecting it capture the magic that was cod4 (for me) and I grew to appreciate the cod series for a different reason.

Every year, it's the ONE game that brings all my friends and I together, having mindless fun. I don't live near most of my friends, but it's the one game where everyone generally picks up and we all play for months. Sure it's stale, sure it's Arcady... But the fun is had through the friends element. And now I can at least appreciate it for that. But bf4, here I come!! Can't wait

rigbybot1271809d ago

I appreciate CoD for the same reason.

ZombieKiller1809d ago

Thats when you get in a COD lobby and discuss other games you all can buy together. Lol.

....or get a ps4 since its now required to have a plus account to play online. They give everyone the same free games so you guys will have plenty to play together. Now that I think about it, that could hurt COD sales in that manner. I hope it actually does.

Salooh1809d ago

Same reason why i buy cod except that i find it annoying not like before , i was a huge fan of cod , i play it everyday for hours . But now i can't stand playing it. I will buy ghost , play it 2 or 3 days then i'm sure i will get sick of it.

Titanfall in the other hand looks interesting . It seems that it will have some of cod4 magic with new stuff. So that's what i'm waiting for in the ps4. Hope it release after a half year.

Kingdom Come1809d ago

Why did it take you until after purchasing "Black Ops II" to realise this?

Homegamer1809d ago

It wasn't that at all I have a little brother and we have on ps3 and it was the only splitscreen multiplayer game that all of our friends played, this time around ill be two get two ps4s so both of us can enjoy the game

xActionBasturdx1809d ago

Its what I've been saying for years...all CoD games are nothing more than expensive map packs...I really hope people open their eyes and see that battlefield 4(on next gen at least) will be the preferred fps. Especially since it delivers the full pc experience on consoles which was the main gripe everyone had with current gen. I mean marginally better graphics, insane destruction AND 64 player online. I'm sorry but CoD had its reign this gen on consoles but now its Battlefields turn

Johnsonparts231808d ago

BF has the same copy and paste method lol. It's taken what, 5 years for them to catch up to cod with 60fps? I agree that COD is stale and it needs to improve, but there isn't a FPS out there really innovating and changing things....yet.

GraveLord1809d ago

So you played the game already?

redwin1809d ago

Games are like movies in the way that you pay fir the entertainment. Not everyone liked the movie AVATAR but some people did so they are making 4 sequels, lol. I didn't like it that much but , "like" is subjective. I'll download COD GHOST for XBONE

Johnsonparts231808d ago

"some people"? lol it made a billion dollars more than any other movie, ever. But ya, SOME people liked it. lol

redwin1808d ago

Just because they watched it doesn't mean they liked it. I went to watch it with a group of 6. Two of them did not like it.

N2NOther1809d ago

Copy and pasted like your comment from so many other copy and pasted comments about how Call of Duty is copy and pasted?

assdan1809d ago

Couldn't agree more. I'm getting battlefield 4. It's superior to COD in literally every way.

TheSaint1808d ago

It took you that long to figure this out??

LiarasBoobs1808d ago


I dont understand why people continue to buy a game that is so obviously recycled year after year.

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MrSwankSinatra1810d ago

nah i think ill pass on COD all together.

RyuCloudStrife1810d ago

many people will... it'll be a slow and painful death for CoD

Wni01809d ago

you do realize ghosts will outsell BF4 by 2-1 right? last time it was 3-1.

Elit3Nick1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Activision is already reporting far less than expected preorders for ghosts so I highly doubt it

GraveLord1809d ago

Then why are you click on COD news? You do know this makes the news more popular and in return, the game itself.

GraveLord1808d ago

I don't but you along with other on this site really seem to care a lot about a game you hate, which is weird. I ignore things I hate, I don't stalk them.

Y_51501808d ago

When people hate something, they would usually like to express their hatred any means necessary. ;)

MrSwankSinatra1808d ago

Who said i hated CoD? That's problem with you and many others on this site who fail at reading and put words in other people's mouths. Where in my comment did I say I hated CoD? ...... That's right I didn't . My comment is a direct answer to the name of the article. Instead of assuming crap why don't you read first moron.

shibster881809d ago

Nope no good reason erm think theres a game called Battlefield 4 look good I guess lol

KUV19771809d ago

His argument is more of a 'if you buy CoD, don't buy it on PS3/360 but rather on PS4/XOne'. Not that it makes the article any better, but in no way does it say everyone should buy CoD.

GraveLord1809d ago

Graphically? Yeah, looks amazing.

In terms of actual fun its not on CODs level.

Don't get me wrong, its not a bad game but its just missing something.

titletownrelo1809d ago

(in my opinion) COD is the most rage-tastic franchise in the history of FPSs. Even Battlefield 3, which is far less aggravating, gets on my nerves from time to time.

BC2?...thats a completely different story. I cant remember me feelng pissed off, ONCE in that game. So much fun.

Kingdom Come1808d ago

I don't find playing the same game for 7 years that fun...

sigfredod1809d ago

no reason at all, COD still use the same engine, the same copy paste graphics, its a current gen game, no need to purchase it, and if still somebody wants to get it currengt gen will be enough