Exclusive T3 Render Of An Xbox One Smartphone

T3 writes: "What that means is a tighter integration of the key technologies being developed over at Richmond. Of course, when T3 heard about this, we just thought of an Xbox One smartphone."

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JokesOnYou1720d ago

Yeah that was actually pretty well done, I like it...ha send this to Microsoft.

malokevi1720d ago

If this became reality, MS can count me in. I'm already eyeing a Windows phone for my next purchase. XB1, surface, Smartphone, desktop... all working in tandem with my big-screen TV and Cerwin-vega sound system.

Sh!t just got reel.

Sexius Maximus1720d ago

Been rockin' the Windows phone for 3 years now. I've used each OS (android, iOS) extensively, and Windows is what I like best. To each their own though. (If you get one, make sure you get a Nokia)

iamnsuperman1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

@Sexius Maximus

How does the tile thing feel. It looks too cluttered for me but I was wondering how it feels from a user.

OT: I do like T3 renders. They are quite good at them. I remember they did one of the ultimate smart phone years ago.

malokevi1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

I was thinking either Nokia or HTC.


I love the metro interface. Customizable, easy to use, and great for touch devices. Beats the hell out of Apples menu, if you ask me.

MidNite1720d ago

I thought MS was using that feature with their AMD Windows 8 pro and Smart Glass for all provider's.

Nice Vid.

Automatic791720d ago

That was pretty cool. Definitely let MS know about it.

1720d ago
kewlkat0071720d ago

It's amazing what people come up with that will never happen...

urwifeminder1720d ago

Nice im getting a surface next month to use with xb1 for smart glass this would be sweet.

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