'Microsoft Miis': New Xbox 360 Controller May Poach Nintendo's Wii Market

Citing anonymous sources, "MTV News reported Microsoft will soon launch a Wii controller clone for the Xbox 360. It's part of a reported strategy to cash in on Nintendo's market differentiation."

"[Microsoft] marketing just want it so they can match the Wii point for point," MTV's source said. "The biggest parts of their marketing materials outline how easy it would be for third parties to port their Wii games to the 360."

According to MTV, "the controller isn't much different in functionality or design from Nintendo's Wii remote, but comes with four face buttons, an analog stick and a microphone. There are also plans for the controller to interact with the Xbox Live Vision Camera, the source said."

"In addition to designing the interface for the controller, Rare, the Microsoft-owned studio that developed Perfect Dark Zero, has also fleshed out Microsoft's take on Nintendo's Mii avatars, the source said."

"Microsoft's Miis are designed to be associated with any game that incorporates the controller and create a standard look for the games. The avatars aren't tied to a controller when in use, as Xbox Live profiles currently are, MTV reported. Microsoft is reportedly hoping to release the controller before the end of the year, despite development delays."

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eagle213901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

This news is strange. That's all I have to say.

Microsoft Mii's, hmmmmmmmm? :)

"despite development delays", a rushed product?

What will Reggie (aka the REGGIENATOR) have to say about this? Can't wait!

Iamback3901d ago

Biggest rip off. I mean that is LOW

ravinshield3901d ago

well i wouldn't like to play with what ever that thing is.and anyways if true nintendo deserves it for copying the achievement from microsoft

Iamback3901d ago

yeah WOW again. Now there are rumors that Sony is coming with " wii clone controler" WTF, one Wii is enough.

toughNAME3901d ago

is a great idea and a fun little controller.

But there's definitely room for improvement. If Microsoft did that and had specific games for this remote (not every game) then motion sensing will be pretty much standard from here on out.

However, they better not sacrifice any feature for the use of motion sensing.

chaosatom3333901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

this doesn't go with microsoft's image.

If they are trying to go for japan, then good for them, but not going to be a huge impact.

edit: But honestly in my opinion this is just sad. Porting from Wii to 360. 360 has it's own line of games, why borrow? People aren't going to buy a 360 if they can't find nintendo. 360 doesn't have that kind of appeal.

AND THE biggest drawback is that kids are going to buy a 360 and scream on the microphone!

The Killer3901d ago

we the copy cat that MS is doing!
the reason why they failed in the past and will always fail in the future is that they never make the standard of the next gen, they always just follow!

kevoncox3901d ago

Follow like Sony adding a HDD?
The fact is this is a business, it's not a prom and you can't where the same dress. MS has the hardcore market on lock. It's where the gamers go to game. However, it's trying to extend to casual market, why not try to take the wind out of the wii by, making LIVE games available with a wii like device. This would mean that all the casual games that are on wii will get ported to 360. More games = more fun = more money for MS.....

No one B*tch when Sony showed up overnight with a crappy knock off version of the wii controller( yes the six axis was a joke and even sony went on to fix it). Instead you just cheered for Sony's "innovation".

Last gen people like you were saying a HDD wasn't needed,'s your savior.

Last gen triggers were uncomfortable and ruined gameplay....They help make GT5... so realistic.

So you see it's all about what kind of fanboy are you. If you like's a great idea...if you like SOny... it's copying and too little too late.
but... If you are a gamer it's another option to perk your interest.
Xbox games don't hate you, they just want to be loved and played. Won't you play with them?

sonarus3901d ago

The thing with the motion sensing is msoft is trying to catch on the wii wave but they can't. They will just be taking away resources from making serious games into making not so serious games. Msoft doesn't have the hardware market on lock in fact sony is creeping into that market faster than they should be comfortable with but they are still taking away resources from hardcore and putting it into their casual "pipe dream". I think the idea will fail and they will realize it and the peripheral will never actually come out, however they might release it anyway and it will end up being as useless as the hd-dvd add on.

thedude176553901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Sony followed MS by adding HDD? so the port in the back of the PS2 was added after xbox came out? so why does my first generation PS2 have it on there. Sony didn't included HDD in the PS2 because it wasn't economically possible. Granted Sony did try to play catch up with the sixaxis, but they also improved the controller with the DS3 but it also can still be used as a sixaxis controller. All i have to say is, when the eye toy will start using that head following technology that was reported a couple of months back, and inplemented into gaming, i will expect MS to follow suit and 'copy', like every technology developer has done since the beginning.

But it will still be interesting to see how MS does with their knock off.

Edit: sorry this isn't in the Open Zone (if it offends anyone) but i felt i needed to address Kevoncox on the same post.

The Killer3901d ago

in a way u r right!! finally u brought something not too fanboyish!
BUT HDD wasnt needed last gen like this gen, ps1,ps2,ps3 controllers were always the best to have and can support all type of games but it was so nice when they removed the vibration on sixaxis.

sixaxis is completely different from wii mote, they didnt copy cat it! and the technology was already there before wii existed, consoles these days are more like PC's type at least the ps3, so yes it is needed but last gen was different story.

and to tell u the truth, i would like a similar to wii-mote for ps3 but it doesnt mean they r not copy cat if they did so!!
and even if they do its not as bad as the 360 copy cat wii-mote because with MS since xbox they always copied sony, and with 360 they over did it, first with HDMI ports then the black color of lite then HD-DVD u got what i mean??

but yes u r right, it always depend on which side u r!!
and also the truth is 360 sucks, and the RROD is still high and every day 100's if not 1000's of hardware problem with 360 occurs.

360 only advantage is that it has great online gameplay with a price, and u get PC games before PC releases.
if i missed something remind me!! ow yess and low quality JRPG games!

Glad to be a gamer3901d ago

Same as every 360 news thread Ps3 supporters all in here slinging mud. With technology everyone copies everyone to give us the best product so we will buy theirs and not the competitions.

This could be another string to add to the 360's bow. Variety is good and will give dev more options when developing for the 360. How quickly people forget about nintendo switcjhing to dvds with the wii and Ps3 now having a hdd after the xbox being the first to the party. Not to mention the six axis which was tacked on to compete with the wii motion sensing. That why they had to redesign it after the six axis came out due to it being a last minute addition.

well any way i'll leave the Ps3 guys to there slinging and play a few games instead.

The Killer3901d ago

ps1,ps2,ps3 controllers were always the best to have and can support all type of games but it (wasn't) so nice when they removed the vibration on sixaxis.

le killer3901d ago

otherwise it's got flop written all over it! i won't be getting one either....i've got a wii for the missus to use, and to use when friends are round and the conversation starts turning stale!

xhairs3901d ago

Have you not read any of the comments you claimed you did? The PS2 had support before the original xbox even came out.

Second: Yes, in technology things are copied, every day in fact, that's what creates competition. However, I don't believe the six-axis can compare to the wii mote, not to mention you have no support that the six-axis controls sucked on the ps3 controller. The only problem with the ps3 six-axis is that the amount of games that incorporate it are few and far between, however that's not to say that they don't exist.
Take the bowling game which can be bought for a mere $10 in the PS Store. Complete six-axis control, not to mention the innovative (haha) idea of having you hold your controller in a completely different fashion than between your two hands ready for an fps brawl.

Third: Don't act like PS3 "fanboys" were the ones slinging mud in here, I've only seen one and he can't even spell correctly. You're putting credit where credit need not be.

kalle3901d ago

Hey retards, MS had motion sensing controlers LONG before Nintendo, i think is was about 7 years ago. But the market was not ready for it then. So MS dont copy anything here.

yesah3900d ago

anonymous wait for official word on something like this

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Danja3901d ago

no wonder there in 3rd place again.....they bring nuttin new to the Table....they're now copying the Wii...

Desperation at it's finest...

eagle213901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

The major factor is will developers even care? I mean, this "xii-mote" (lol) is not included with the millions of 360's out there. This is like the no hard drive and hdmi/wifi issue 360 already has.

Developers will NOT spend ten's of millions of dollars making a game that all 360 owners won't be able to buy.

This will also confuse consumers and make the Wii boost more in sales. Nintendo will just make them look late to the party. Just like the 360's hd dvd add-on failure did for PS3. When Microsoft put their greedy paws in that market, it backfired. It might make some hardcore 360 fans upset and move to PS3 because of the media "hoopla". It is flawed anyway you look at it.

Obama3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

I agree with you Danja, that MS is the opposite of innovation.

Also, I should mention that the 360 will never become a family console. MS is trying so hard to appeal its console to the family and casual gamers but so far it has failed in doing so. Bioshock, gears 2, halo3...yeah I am sure a mom would say: "Let's play gears 2 and spill some blood with my kid!" XD

CNIVEK3901d ago

3rd place??? Hate to tell ya, chump, but Sony still holds that spot...and will for another year or 2...maybe more. :o

3901d ago
ravinshield3901d ago

ur the one thats desperate, get laid

Danja3901d ago

@CNIVEK - dude get with it...the 360 is currently in last place in weekly/Monthly hardware sales...thats what I meant...and news update the 360 just reached 18 mill ...the PS3 is at 12 mill right the rate it's selling in NA/EU I can see the PS3 passing the 360 by the end of this year....

@ravinshield - funny how you 'cool gamers' love to draw for the whole "go get laid" thing...I bet you prolly never got ne in the 1st place..

I dont have a prob wit my sex life...and I dont see why it would be a prob to you...atleast try to be original next time....*yawnz*

Pain3901d ago

Danja and Obama = So Right Xbots CRY

bubbles to u 2 oOooOOOooo0o

And @ CVINEK its Time for you to LOOK OUTSIDE the US for once , truth hurts.

captainjy3900d ago

You must be talking about Phony when say third place because according to official numbers I am reading, Phony is still a long ways behind. And after GTA 4 hits, they will be even further behind. Besides, a Wii-like remote can't be any worse than Home or gay Trophies.

"Hey Big Richard, let's go gay around Home 4 hours and then hold hands looking for Trophies the rest of night!"

"That's sounds like a swell idea, Little Richard! Then after that, we can pop some popcorn and lay together naked and watch The Adventures of Baron Munchausen all in glorious HD!"

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Harry1903901d ago

know what they are trying to do,but at least they are trying................very strange.

Amanosenpai3901d ago

mmmm.. they should try in their strengths and stick to that ... IMO

xhairs3901d ago

Or begin the next xbox,
or hire better customer service,
or hire better workers,
or stop competing in a business they've lost more money in.

I agree all of the above.