The Games That Shaped the Contemporary FPS Market

How and why is Call of Duty currently the king of all videos games? In this article we take a look at the games that shaped Call of Duty and why it has become so popular.

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TheSuperior 1873d ago

Couldnt agree more. Call of Duty is a huge game but it didnt make itself that way all on its own.

SheaHoff1873d ago

Doom has definitely been a key game in the evolution of FPS

giovonni1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

It's the grand father of fps it showed us all that these types of games can work. Doom was unique because it was the first fps that worked outside of our imaginations. Back then, 2d games ruled the scene. Doom introduced a fast paced puzzled 3d violent environment that worked.

Halo was the first console game that showed intelligence. enemies would run away when over powered, the computer sensed when you killed to many friendlies, and attack you. However, if it wasn't for Doom, the FPS wouldn't be as great as it is today. That's my opinion though

MidnytRain1873d ago

I thought Wolfenstein came before Doom.

giovonni1873d ago

It did, but it wasn't the be all revolutionary game that doom was. Doom took elements of Wolfeinstine, the bland elements, added more enemies, maze puzzles, and good old fashion mouth watering violence. Doom is much more of a commercial success, and a better game over all.

josephayal1873d ago

Call of Duty for me is the best FPS ever

Shadonic1873d ago

Then you havent played many FPS titles have you

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The story is too old to be commented.