Mod Brings GTA V's Radar Hud And Specials To GTA IV

DSOGaming writes: "Our reader ‘Jonathan Gustafsson’ has informed us about a very unique mod that brings GTA V’s radar hud and specials meter to GTA IV."

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DxTrixterz1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Seriously what else can modders do to GTA4? Put whole GTA5 map into GTA4? Please now do same mods for San Andreas.

RadioActiveTwinky1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

They can make it as close as the actual game. The only thing they cant do is change the story.
This is one of the reasons why you wont see this kind of MOD support on consoles. The general public wouldnt buy the next iteration of the game if MODs can change practically everything except story. Also the console community DLC purchasing power would pretty much colapse. Why would an average gamer spend 10 bucks on new map packs if joe the plumber created map packs and released it for free?

anticlimax1874d ago

"Also the console community DLC purchasing power would pretty much colapse."
PC gaming has its share of DLC, that market is not collapsing, mod support or no mod support.

RadioActiveTwinky1874d ago


This is why I specifically said console community.

On PC games and DLC go retarded cheap. In consoles it takes much longer for that sale or price drop. Also like my example states why would a gamer that only games on console buy map packs if the MODs would build maps.
Take COD for example. That DLC sells for 15 bucks per pack.
Since the majority of that player base on consoles are teens and young adults. They wouldnt buy the map packs in droves like they do now. They would just spread the free maps the MODs created through word of mouth.
Unless the Maps or DLC is really worth it like the Skyrim DLC.

1874d ago
TripC501875d ago

The Mod is cool but the guy playing it is running around shooting innocent people... I know you can play GTA however you want and I love GTA games but dang man do you have to shoot the people in the park to show off the mod? Play a mission or something. I know its just a video game but does anybody else find it hard to shoot random people for fun like that.....Damn I'm a pansy :/

RedSoakedSponge1874d ago

he made a mod, and is just quickly showing off how it works. i see no problem with this and im sure the majority of GTA players would agree with me.

And yes... you are a pansy

TripC501874d ago

I see no problem either. I just asked if anybody else finds it hard to virtually shoot a couple prices of particles in the shape of a old lady or people just chillin in a park. Cuz I find it hard. I love GTA I just try to play it as nice as possible. Only shoot bad guys. Obviously I'm the only one that plays the game that way.

anticlimax1874d ago

Oh Trip, you make me yearn for the long gone days of Carmageddon...

Soupaman661874d ago

dude, its just bits of code interacting with other code.

SignifiedSix911874d ago

I love going on a rampage. Its what makes GTA, GTA lol.

You must be the only person who plays like this xD

elhebbo161874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Its just a game bro, relax.

minidustdevil221874d ago

A wise man once said (Nerdcubed) and i don't remember exactly how he said it but he said "If you were one of those N PC's would you rather spend your 20-30 seconds in the players computer just walking around or would you rather cause the player excitement and joy of being blown up?"

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