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Ryse: A slasher that feels like a halfway house between Gears and God of War | Mirror

On first impressions at least, Ryse appears to be the runt of the Xbox One’s litter of launch exclusives.

A swords-and-sandals slasher that feels like a halfway house between Gears and God of War, it seems very much like a current gen wolf in the next generation’s clothing. (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

MichaelLito79  +   540d ago
I like the Roman setting, story, etc. Hope this game turns out to be good. Can't wait.
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PrimeGrime  +   539d ago | Well said
What is with all these articles that are practically duplicates lately. They even have the same headlines almost.
elhebbo16  +   539d ago
slow new's day I guess.
Belking  +   539d ago
Can't wait to play this game.
Wni0  +   539d ago
So the shitty overkill manly man dialogue from gears mixed in with double the QTE's from GoW? GREAT.
fattyuk  +   539d ago
but but you can talk to the game

"qte press Y button"

"qte press down down up left"
elhebbo16  +   539d ago
QTE can be good at times, heavy rain is a good example but w.e its a xbox one game lets hate on it anyways. sigh
Wni0  +   539d ago
different genres... im saying who would want to play a god of war game that has crappy dialogue and quick time events for EVERY SINGLE FIGHT.
Bigpappy  +   539d ago
I like the complaints. It will push Crytec to fine tune the combat.
That_Ninja_Gray_Fox  +   539d ago
Am I the only one who doesn't care for the Rome and or Mythology based games full of QTE?
caseh  +   539d ago
You've only seen a demo that was no doubt rushed out in time to be shown at E3.

Shenmue had its fair share of QTE, it also had a sweet combat system that was like Virtua Fighter. The game was still awesome!

PS4 all the way for me but after seeing Ryse and Titanfall demo'd on the XB1 i'm a bit gutted that they won't be on the PS4.
Gster  +   539d ago
I agree, Titanfall is lookin like a lot of fun. Dead rising 3 is lookin good too, but I'm hoping these two are times exclusives and will eventually see their way onto PS4. Ryse does look very good, but I'm not mad about QTE's in general. If there was an option to turn it off, which I heard, I reckon it could turn out to be a big hit.
HugoDrax  +   539d ago
Don't be gutted, just buy an XB1 sometime down the line. I'm getting both at launch, and maybe a gamefly subscription to get a chance to play most of the releases since I'll have both consoles.
Salooh  +   539d ago
Titan fall is just a time exclusive..
Salooh  +   539d ago
Why disagree ?. They already said they wanted to focus on one system which is a soft way to say time exclusive but they will bring it to other platforms when they are done. The prove of time exclusive is releasing the game to 360 which doesn't have the awesome cloud tech that make titanfall possible lol ..
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Supermax  +   539d ago
Playing it on hardcore mode turns off the qte.
Smoey  +   539d ago
Was reading a review in a British paper today saying don't believe the hype and the game is pretty rubbish... Wasn't expecting that.
caseh  +   539d ago
Wasn't the Sun or Sunday Sport was it? :D
thetruthx1  +   539d ago
I can already tell I'm going to love this game
fsydow1  +   539d ago
Ryse could be done on ps3, look at the last of us and uncharted 3. The graphics of those two games alone make Ryse look like its a current gen game.Nothing special here, so lets move on to real next gen ,PS4.
starchild  +   539d ago
You are blind and don't have the smallest understanding of graphics tech.
elhebbo16  +   539d ago
Dont get me wrong I love U3 and TLoU, but let's be honest here, do you really think the PS3 can run this at 1080p 60 frames? in comparison U3/TLoU run at 720p/30frames. The art style and design is subjective but you have to be a real fanboy to say this can run on the PS3 with the same graphical settings.
Mkai28  +   539d ago
Didn't know PS3 could look like this, why haven't devs unlock the full power of the cell?
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Salooh  +   539d ago
Looks neat . If they just make the gameplay more about skills and remove that button system . I know it's really early but after they achieve that i think they need to make it more realistic in the sequel. It will have it's own mark that way ..
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WeedyOne  +   539d ago
Gears and God of War.... what a horrible match.

Gears, one of the clunkiest games ever.
Matched with God of War, one of the most fluid games ever?

Is it like a clunky God of war? Or a Fluid Gears? Im confused!
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fsydow1  +   538d ago
How idiotic is your comment,ryse wont even be able to stand on one leg next to the ps3 masterpieces,let alone next to Killzone or infamous. Go play some more Halo,gears and fable lmao. Three of the most over used ,tired ,crap and boring games I have ever played. More like kids falling for microcraps hype and you most probably one of those kids,lol.

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