Oddworld dev: Nintendo has been “fantastic” to work with

Nintendo has been “fantastic” to work with, Just Add Water CEO and Oddworld Inhabitants development director Stewart Gilray has said.

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josephayal1875d ago

WII U is the best Console

AbortMission1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

If that were the case, then it would be selling more than 160,000 consoles in a couple of months globally Lol

Misaka_x_Touma1875d ago

if that the case PS3 should be ahead of Wii

AbortMission1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

The PS3 IS ahead of the Wii in games, support and graphical fidelity. You can argue for sales numbers but then again, the PS3 just reached 80+ million while the Wii - Nintendo's best selling console - is only 20 million ahead, despite the casuals going crazy for it and being $350 cheaper at launch. Not to mention it's still a far cry from the PS2's 150 million

thezeldadoth1875d ago

so by your logic call of duty is the best game ever.

josephayal1875d ago

You've got a point there, I really regret having bought one myself

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duducus1875d ago

I have a feeling you just posted this to see what reactions you would get...

gamer421875d ago

He does this all the time, one moment he says "wii u awesome", the next "Wii U is Dead, PS4 is best!". He's a big stealth troll on N4G.

1875d ago
M-M1875d ago

One minute you say it's the best console, then you say you regret buying it? What? xD.

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ifritAlkhemyst1875d ago

Great. Maybe talk them into making Oddworld a PC and Nintendo exclusive. Then you can actually make a new game instead of repackaging these old ones.

AbortMission1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

You seriously want to call Oddworld a rehash and propose to make it a Nintendo exclusive for the series to be fresh? Do you not see the irony in that Lol

ifritAlkhemyst1875d ago

No. I don't. Seeing as how there is a new Zelda to accompany the 18th reissue of OoT. I'd like to play a new Oddworld game, but instead I keep getting reissues of old ones and not a single goddamn new one.

NRGuitarist1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

If you've been following news on Oddworld and JAW, you'd understand exactly why they've been re-releasing the existing titles in updated conditions (and they actually did some incredibly decent work compared to most other HD remakes etc.). Since Oddworld is now entirely self-financed and published, it requires some moolah in order to invest in larger, riskier - but ultimately greater - projects. So, they've released the old titles in various forms, now they've moved on to completely remaking the original game from the ground up, and from there they hope to have earned the money to continue with Lorne's initial vision of the Oddworld Quintology. Stop bitching about it when such an amazing franchise is finally being brought back to life after too many years.

Darkfist1875d ago

didnt he say the same thing when developed for xbox until microsoft f*** them up in the xbox360?

brewin1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

why does every article regarding the Wii U turn into this massive troll fest with people arguing semantics and sales numbers for ps3 and wii and all of this crap?! Whos gives a damn! You people all waste more time arguing over BS than you spend actually playing games!

Its ridiculous how many people bash the wii U but have yet to actually sit down and play one for more than a few minutes in a store somewhere. I have it, its a great system with a lot of potential that has yet to be tapped. Nintendo is not pulling a Sega anytime soon, so just live and let live people.

The ps3 was a horrible system at launch because it had no games. I know, I was THERE! I paid $599 for a Blu Ray player. The Wii U launch was actually pretty damn good all things considered. Its the launch window that sucked because all the games were delayed or cancelled. But you know what? THAT HAPPENS! Nintendo took their sweet time because they wanted to leave the launch window open for 3rd parties, but all they wanted to do was release half-assed ports that no one would buy the system for. I blame Nintendo some but the 3rd parties are partly responsible too for not differentiating their ports from other versions that could be had for cheaper. Nobody is going to pay $60 for a game they could buy on a system they owned for $20! Thats simple economics and consumers arent THAT stupid!

How many of the people arguing about this crap HAVE EVER EVEN BEEN THROUGH A SYSTEM LAUNCH anyway!?!?!?! The U will be fine when Nintendo really brings the quality games, which they will in due time. Its easy to look at the ps3 and 360 and consider the bar set, but these systems have had many, many years to build that install base and fix any kinks in the system. Nintendo will be fine.

Anyway, the fact that a quality developer like the Oddworld folks are on board for Nintendo should speak volumes about their developer relations. Regardless of which system these folks release game on, they are a very talented bunch and I expect good things from them.

Not just on Nintendo platforms either, as their support for PS3 has been pretty good. Strangers Wrath HD is great and more people should play that! Support the smaller studios who actually care about gaming rather than how much money they can make off it. Their work quality speaks for itself. I, for one, cant wait to check out some of the stuff they have been working on!

SpiralTear1875d ago

A positive Wii U article? On N4G?! What insane person approved this?!