25 Cammy White (Street Fighter) Illustrations by Fans

A ton of artists is drawing the popular Street Fighter character Cammy White.Game Art HQ sproke with 25 artists about her Cammy illustrations, some of them pulled out own concepts and designs of her but more or less all her traditional designs like the Delta Red and the SF Alpha series "Killer Bee" designa and even her Street Fighter IV DLC Costumes are covered in this gallery as well.

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fsfsxii1662d ago

This might be off topic, but i don't see anyone bitching about Cammy's costume with her tight costume

VTKC1662d ago

thats true. I think maybe because there is no camel toe and no nipples. Great showing of ass though-so yeah its still suprising that no ones bitched about it

1661d ago
SynestheticRoar1661d ago

They don't want Chun-Li to get all the glory.

Hoffmann1661d ago

Oh don't worry ^^ This Cammy Article was made to "test the waters" and see if people would like such a "best of" article in addition to the normal game character articles we have which are a mix of infos, official art and fan art as well as cosplay.

While we have a big gallery for Chun Li already there will be a similar article with 25 or more Chunny artworks as well ..its quite difficult to cover them in our normal articles

AznGaara1661d ago

Cammy! My main in Sf4. Such a fun character and also a strong female.

1661d ago