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Blast: "Gamers are no strangers to the apocalypse. They’ve unloaded countless rounds of ammo into the undead horde and hacked off more limbs with chainsaws than they could count – but The Last of Us is different. Sony and Naughty Dog’s latest title isn’t interested in scaring you with hordes of infected and cheap thrills. Instead, it chooses to tell a tale of loss and heartbreak, of desperation and survival. It is beautifully balanced and paced, and one of this generation’s definitive must-have games."

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Williamson1876d ago

My summer would of sucked gaming wise if it werent for this game.

Killzoner991876d ago

This is hands down the best game EVER made period.

Goro1876d ago

No that would be Red Dead Redemption

josephayal1876d ago

Thats why its one of my favorite games of the generation (maybe the best)

BullyMangler1876d ago

lol perfect score when this game has A.I. equivalent to the pikmin in Pikmin 3? and other issues like not creativeness and repetitiveness . ha ha haaaa . . EXPOSED! . . not perfect /: