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Slant Magazine: "The most protrusive sin committed by Dragon's Crown has nothing to do with the size of its sirens' breasts, but rather an unfortunate economical decision made by the publisher. Although cross-saving between the PS3 and PS Vita is possible via PSN, cross-buying isn't. So, both enjoying the game's glorious melees on a massive screen in the comfort of your own home and the middle of a transatlantic flight will cost you a pretty penny. Similarly, those playing on the PS3 can't partner with Vita players simultaneously, and the portable device's multiplayer is online only. A shame, because, other than that bantam blip on the radar, Dragon's Crown is a nearly stainless example of a conceptually old-fashioned brawler modernized for the masses."

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PrimeGrime1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Dragons Crown multiplayer on PS Vita is not online only, there is ad-hoc also. It was said in the blog by Atlus, they said it twice.

So the PS3 and Vita version both have local multiplayer as well as online multiplayer. They said that the PS Vita versions is not available at the start of the game though, they said you unlock ad-hoc by playing through the game.

The PS3's local multiplayer is open at the start of the game. No idea why but at least its there for both versions for the people who want to use it.

I never use local mutltiplayer anymore, especially ad-hoc.