Is Multiplayer A Must Have For Single Player Franchises These Days?

Junkie Monkeys: Before we get into the topic at hand, take a trip back in time with me. Remember when great single player franchises existed without meaningless multiplayer modes? Remember when awesome single player franchises didn’t need multiplayer to stay relevant? I remember those days well.

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Treezy5041872d ago

I would honestly want more games like Demon's Souls (Yes I know Dark Souls exist). Such an awesomely brutal single player experience and a unique online experience. Co-op with a twist is all I need to make me happy.

brodychet1872d ago

Yeah I liked Dark Souls' (Notice I didn't say Demon Souls) multiplayer. They don't all have to be Team-based Capture the flag.

3-4-51872d ago

Multiplayer helps extend the longevity of a game for some people.

After beating a game in 20 hours, some people don't want to play the same thing over again especially if it's reliant on story.

This way, with multiplayer, you get a different experience within the same game, using the same game mechanics as the single player, but with a bit of variation.

ravinash1871d ago

Yes, but don't attach multiplayer on just for the sake of it.
Nothing worse than taking resources away form the single player game just to create something people will use once and then say no, thats rubbish and never use again.

1872d ago
zeal0us1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Publisher nowadays want to get the most out of their games. Multiplayer offer a chance for extra revenue with map packs, weapons packs and characters packs.

Honestly I don't think some single player franchises need multiplayer but if you're going to add MP to these games at least do it right. We already have enough MP games on the market that follows the CoD formula or just some rush crap the publishers or developers hoped they could milk dlc from.

wedgie1872d ago

Agreed. I would also think that publishers/developers use it as a way to deter people from trading their games in as well, in addition to the extra revenue.

If there is a multiplayer you can keep playing, you would not have to get rid of the game.

admiralvic1872d ago

It's to trick people into thinking it's a better value than it is.

If the game is SP only, then it comes down to how much time you're willing to put into the game. Maybe 10 hours for the campaign, 20 for the platinum, 50 if you really love it, but that's about it.

If the game has MP, then you can do all the stuff mentioned before AND play with all your buddies online. They can further release more DLC to keep people playing and you're talking about how good of a value it is. Also, since a lot of games reward experience with skills and power ups, you have a less enjoyable experience the older the game gets.

Take a fighting game. If you play it on day 1, then there are a lot of people of various skill levels online. Play it 6 months later and you might find some noobs, but most people will have some skills. Play it a year later and you BETTER have some skill cause there is almost no noobs playing.

PrimeGrime1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Why are all these people making a big deal of this simply because the Wii U version didn't get multiplayer. Now all the sudden people are questioning if multiplayer is necessary in single player franchises.

Multiplayer is never necessary but if it can be done right, why the hell not? It adds replay value, gives people a chance to play thier favorite single play game with some friends, they can charge for more DLC.. It just makes no sense not to have it.

If it is just added for nothing and really is crappy then yes, like AC3: Liberations for instance, no offense I mean I know some people enjoy card games but that is a good example of a unnecessary online part being added to a game.

Cam9771872d ago

Please don't bring up AC3:L.
I monotonously slaved myself through that absolutely shocking "multiplayer" mode to level 15. There's a reason that game hasn't touched my Vita since I received the platinum trophy for it.

PrimeGrime1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Well that is exactly why I brought it up. In some circumstances it isn't needed but Batman Arkhams mutliplayer I doubt will be anywhere near as tacked on as that was.

PrimeGrime1872d ago

Oh lord I brought up the Wii U guess people got all touchy. Even though everything I said made complete sense.

The_Sneauxman1872d ago

I think an incorporation of online features seamlessly with Single Player could prove useful if Multiplayer would seem like a Gimmick.
I would much prefer Online features mixed with Singleplayer rather than Multiplayer because "We just have to"

PeEsFour1872d ago

No, but if the MP is good, its not wrong. Good example is TLOU. SP focused game but the MP is awesome too.

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