Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay shows “epic” 720˚ combat knife kill

Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay shows “epic” 720˚ combat knife kill

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TripC501809d ago

knife kills looks more buggy than epic...

ShugaCane1809d ago

Epic seizure knife kill.

pixelsword1809d ago

Yeah, that's that whole "looking straight down then moving the mouse one degree in any direction" kind of thing.

abzdine1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

this game is really looking like poop..
As things are going right now i think Killzone: SF is gonna be the king.
First it looks next-gen and everyone knows how KZ multiplayer is. Now it's up to Guerrilla to make a great SP campain and support it post release with updates, maps, weapons...

awi59511809d ago


Just go away and play COD its a alpha. You know your a cod fanboy dont even bother commenting on BF videos. Your just trolling just to make yourself feel better about the yearly COD trash you buy.

HammadTheBeast1809d ago

Well, we know where the CoD kids went to...

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Maddens Raiders1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Well that just doesn't look good at all to me and maybe it will change by launch, I don't know.

Call me crazy, but the more gameplay I see from these kinds of games (which looks warmed over from what we've all grown accustom to), the more I can't wait for KZ:SF.

I know, I'm aware of the hypocrisy w/i my own statement regarding shooters, but to my eyes, KZ:SF just oozes with graphic fidelity and the colors seem to burst right off the screen not to mention the lighting looks spectacular. That's all.

3-4-51809d ago

That isn't even close to final build though.

AndrewLB1808d ago

Killzone oozes with graphics fidelity?? Yea, when compared to PS3 games. Go watch on youtube "Battlefield 4: Best moments" and you'll see how blinded by sony love you truly are. Or do you consider bright flashy colors "fidelity"? If so, then I got a game right up your alley. It's Blood Dragon. It's got so much "fidelity" your brain will explode. lol.

GuyThatPlaysGames1809d ago

That's this "quality" game. Oh wait, "it's not finished" is the excuse for the bugginess.

StoutBEER1809d ago

Excuse? It's PRE Alpha you fuckin moron. Nobody defend this retard. When you all say Killzone is going to beat Battlefield in multiplayer, you are lying to yourself and everyone else on the internet. Ive played Killzone. Guess what, boring ass gameplay I left it after two weeks. Battlefield has had me hooked for over two YEARS. Check my Battlelog, Gamertag is StoutBEER, and I have played over 600 hours in BF3. Battlefield has also overtaken Halo as my favorite online shooter, which is insane considering ive played Halo since Halo 2. And you're trying to tell me Killzone will dethrone Battlefield? It will not, this is not opinion its fact. You Playstation fanboys are looking even worse than Xbox fanboys at the moment. And I have seen some crazy Xbox fanboys.

GuyThatPlaysGames1808d ago

@Stoutbeer Someone clearly has no life lol. Go outside once in a while. Never did I EVER say Killzone is a good game at all. Since when am I a fanboy when I have both systems? Someone is the idiot here clearly

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chaldo1809d ago

Are people blind? I can't believe they can't see that this has a lot of missing textures/buggy. This is still the alpha beta that was shown before.

Seriously, I don't know if people are trolling or are they just really stupid.

StoutBEER1809d ago

Just really stupid man. Welcome to n4g.

trancefreak1809d ago

Just looks like screen tearing during the knife encounter. Until Dice locks that down it is what is a Beta.

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jayblings1809d ago

That's some CoD type ish right there

GraveLord1809d ago

COD doesn't have bugs like that. I mean they use a stable engine with minor upgrades each year.

porkChop1809d ago

That had better be a glitch, and it better be patched before release. If I wanted to play CoD I would go buy that instead.

Salooh1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

He's just running and searching for people to kill and when he saw one he shot him then had an opportunity to knife someone. He's playing like many others. The game is not a sim to have the right way to play it. Call of duty didn't create attacking gameplay. It's just the only thing that call of duty do .

When i attack i'm always the first in all games and when i follow my team mates i always kill less . Same can applied to the objectives in the way i play.

Even the last of us that depend on team mates to survive i still attack a lone and always be the first . It's just a way to play the game and it's not forbidden

Just my opinion hope you don't take it seriously :P ..

porkChop1809d ago

That has literally nothing to do with what I said. Like, at all.

Salooh1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Sorry. My fault XD . I thought you mean the way he play . I just realised what you mean which are bugs and glitichs..

SnotyTheRocket1809d ago

Why wouldn't it be patched? It's PRE Alpha.

Snookies121809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

This is most definitely not pre-alpha stage. If it were, the game would NOT be coming out this year. I would hope it's in the beta stage at this point...

StoutBEER1809d ago

Yes it is Snookie... god I hate you for that username. Remember when BF3 Beta had come out with all those bugs and people were worried? That was already an old build they released to the public, the final game was already done and mostly bug free. The "beta" was more of a demo than beta.

GraveLord1809d ago

Really? There's nothing like that in COD. Damn your BF fanboys really just blame everything on COD.

HellzAssassin1809d ago

I know, it's a hell of alot worst in CoD. Damn you "CoD" fanboys think it's the best game ever created and keep buying the same rehash every year. That being said, I've only owned CoD4 and MW2 before I got sick of the franchise. I sold em' both.

memots1809d ago

ikr .. its COD fault , They caused that glitch.

BaronVonRhett1807d ago

Sir, I hate to tell you this, but CoD does have Bugs. It has Alpha and Beta versions and those are both filled with bugs. I am sorry to burst your bubble, but Call of Duty isn't perfect.

xxxsiegezzz1809d ago

How does this remind you from cod?

GraveLord1809d ago

Careful. If you use logic or reason you'll get a dozen disagrees.

porkChop1807d ago

All the CoD kiddies pulling off 720 knife kills and no scopes? Have you ever tried to watch CoD videos on YouTube?

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PeEsFour1809d ago

One of the most pointless posts today.

pixelsword1809d ago

The day is still young...

BattleAxe1809d ago

The campaign for BF4 looks awesome, but the multiplayer looks like BF3.5, which isn't necessarily bad, but just like CoD, it doesn't really warrant a day one purchase. Personally, I'm more interested in Titanfall.

PeEsFour1809d ago

Are you Socom fan? Heard of H-Hour?

PeEsFour1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )


Niice :) Me too!

FullMetalTech1809d ago

Same here. The 3rd person view reminded me of Socom if for just a small bit.

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